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Healing Waters store brand

(formerly Master's Flower Essences)

by Lila Devi

Each of the following Essences is identified with a Quality, Pattern of Disharmony, and its Message of Self-Mastery, as follows:

Quality – the essential nature of each Master's Flower Essence.

Pattern of Disharmony – indicates the need for a particular essence (if even one trait is present); a negative habit, i.e., weakness or imbalance, strengthened through repetition.

Message of Self-Mastery – beneficial effect of the essence, resonating with, and thus awakening, that quality within us; the vibrational quality of the essence.

Lila Devi's YouTube video introduction to these essences (please return to Healing Waters for purchase after viewing!)


Full boxed set of all 20 essences in 1/2 oz only. Ideal as first-aid kit; perfect for family use or as a tool for self-study; thoughtful gift idea; enhances and augments the treatment of massage practitioners, chiropractors, naturopaths, herbalists, psychologists, and other health care workers.

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All essences in the sets are also available individually in 1/2 oz, and 1 oz while supplies last.
1 oz discontinued by Spirit-in-Nature Essences.

Please note that like all our other products, given the descriptions below, these are NOT "flavorings" but are drops with no taste and no smell that are for mental, emotional, and behavioral well-being. Returns will not be accepted if you were expecting flavored additives for tea or other beverages or any kind of perfumery.

1 oz while supplies last. Discontinued by brand.




Prunus amygdalus


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Quality – Self-control

Pattern of Disharmony – Over-indulgence in food or other substances/activities; immoderation, causing minor to serious damage to body or mind; sexual excess in thought or action; making wrong choices based upon the strength of past habits; discontentment; uneasiness; nervousness

Message of Self-Mastery – Calmness of the mind and nerves; synchronicity of body/mind/spirit; sense of well-being and order; balance; moderation

Malus domestica


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Quality – Healthfulness

Pattern of Disharmony – Fear of illness; hypochondria; overconcern with the condition of the body; for worry; doubt; indecision; recurrence of negative emotions such as anger, jealousy, fear

Message of Self-Mastery – Healthy, magnetic attitudes; abundance of psychologically nourishing thoughts; hope; motivation to take better care of oneself

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Persea americana


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Quality – Good memory

Pattern of Disharmony – Forgetfulness; absentmindedness; dullness; missing details; going along without purpose or direction; mental fuzziness; for "missing the boat"

Message of Self-Mastery – Mental focus; remembering details; joy in challenging the mind with puzzles, exams, new projects; greater awareness of life's purpose; "Now I get it"




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Quality – Humility

Pattern of Disharmony – Anxiety; negative attachment; loss of perspective; "can't see the forest for the trees"; clouded judgment; nervousness; quarrelsome; pride

Message of Self-Mastery – Calmness; ability to step back and observe; non-reactive; not getting caught up in negativity; understanding that "what goes around comes around"

Rubus alleghenienses


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Quality – Purity

Pattern of Disharmony – Negativity; pessimism; sarcasm; cynicism; focus on dark or unkind thoughts with resultant downward flow of energy; fault-finding; nitpicking

Message of Self-Mastery – Kindness; mental clarity; optimism; sees the good within self and others; inspirational; incisive and direct, yet gentle; offended by mistreatment of living things

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Prunus avium


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Quality – Cheerfulness

Pattern of Disharmony – Moodiness; grumpiness; fault-finding; "waking up on the wrong side of the bed"; acting contrary; ornery; feeling mildly to moderately out of control emotionally; moods of known and unknown origin

Message of Self-Mastery – Seeing the good in every situation; hopeful; inspiring to others; optimistic; positive; light-hearted; even-minded

Cocos nucifera


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Quality – Upliftment

Pattern of Disharmony – For making excuses; lack of endurance; shakiness; problem-oriented; escapism; avoidance of tests; "a quitter"

Message of Self-Mastery – Endurance; perseverance; for completing tasks; living one's highest potential; strong, steady energy; solution oriented; welcomes challenges

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Zea mays


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Quality – Mental vitality

Pattern of Disharmony – Sluggishness; procrastination; unwillingness; blocked energy; unresponsive; dragging one's feet; resistance; lethargy

Message of Self-Mastery – Takes initiative in projects; enthusiastic; biting off more than one can chew and chewing it; energy

Phoenix dactylifcera


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Quality – Sweetness, tenderness

Pattern of Disharmony – judgmental and critical of others; intolerant/ unaccepting; easily irritated; unpleasant to be around; inhospitable

Message of Self-Mastery – Sensitive to other's feelings; discriminating; receptive; open-minded; easy to talk to; welcoming; magnetic; warmhearted

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Ficus carica


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Quality – Flexibility

Pattern of Disharmony – Rigidity; an uncompromising nature; difficulty with change; unrealistic expectations of self; fanaticism; self-limiting; too strict a sense of discipline

Message of Self-Mastery – Sense of humor; fluidity; able to "go with the flow"; relaxed; at ease with self and others; self-liberating



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Quality – Love, devotion

Pattern of Disharmony – Negative emotions such as envy, greed, lust, jealousy; for issues of abandonment, including separation, divorce or death; neediness; cruelty; loneliness; feeling disconnected; feeling alienated; noncommittal; vulnerability

Message of Self-Mastery – Realization of the source of love within us; purity; loving without condition, demand or expectation; patience with other's shortcomings; for transcendence

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Lactuca crispa


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Quality – Calmness

Pattern of Disharmony – Restlessness; too many thoughts at once; inability to concentrate; excitability; repression; troubled emotions; agitation; for anger; nervousness; inability to make decisions

Message of Self-Mastery – Clear communication skills; unblocked creative expression; ability to achieve; decisiveness; ability to speak one's truth; concentration

Citrus sinensis


Add 1/2 oz to Shopping Cart 1 oz no longer available

Quality – Joy

Pattern of Disharmony – Mild to severe depression; hopelessness; despair; self-pity; for past or present abuse issues, physical, sexual or emotional

Message of Self-Mastery – Energy; for cultivating an inner smile; resolution of conflict; lightness; "light at the end of the tunnel"; banishing melancholy

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Prunus persica


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Quality – Selflessness

Pattern of Disharmony – Selfishness; self-involvement; thoughtlessness; "looking out for Number One"; constrictive; exploitive; inability to relate to other's realities; smothering

Message of Self-Mastery – Concern for the welfare of others; maturity; nurturing; considerate; deeply compassionate; sensitive; empathetic

Pyrus communis


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Quality – Emergency usage

Pattern of Disharmony – Accidents; illness; surgery; childbirth complications; physical and/or emotional crisis; auric disturbances, minor to monumental; for shock; extreme grief; for any situation which throws us off-balance

Message of Self-Mastery – Peacefulness; peace of mind; returns a sense of rhythm and proportion; for living fully in the present moment; ability to handle crisis

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Ananas comosus


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Quality – Self-assuredness

Pattern of Disharmony – Inferiority complex; compares self to others; dissatisfaction with self; unhappy with job situation; undesired unemployment; inability to choose a career and/or stick with it

Message of Self-Mastery – Content with career; confident; personal power; wisdom; strong sense of identity

Rubis strigosus


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Quality – Kind-heartedness

Pattern of Disharmony – Feelings easily hurt; touchy; over-reactive; insensitive; for lashing out; lacking understanding; judgment clouded by emotions; blaming others; resentment; bitterness

Message of Self-Mastery – Taking responsibility for one's actions, sympathetic; benevolent; generous; for releasing old wounds; desire to help others heal of their hurts; forgiveness

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Spinacea oleracea


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Quality – Simplicity

Pattern of Disharmony – Stress; feeling burdened or overwhelmed; mild distrust to paranoia; for unhappy or dysfunctional childhood; "worry wart"

Message of Self-Mastery – Childlike joy; trust; sense of wonder; a playful nature; free-spirited; adventurous

Frageria chiloensis


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Quality – Dignity

Pattern of Disharmony – Guilt-ridden; low self-esteem; self-blaming; feeling unworthy, undeserving; irresponsible; ungrounded; unsure of self; history of emotionally abusive parents; psychic oversensitivity

Message of Self-Mastery – Strong, quiet sense of self and self-worth; grounding; reliability; for leaving a dysfunctional childhood in the past; poise; grace

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Lycopersicon esculentum


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Quality – Strength, courage

Pattern of Disharmony – Fear; nightmares; withdrawal; defensiveness; addictions; shyness; minor hesitation to severe terror; defeatist attitude

Message of Self-Mastery – Knowing there is no failure—only another chance to succeed; belief in oneself; invincibility; psychic protection; unaffected by crowds or negative environments

We are very grateful to Gerard at  Floweremedies - Le monde des élixirs floraux  for granting permission to use his beautiful photographs and therefore refer all French orders of Master's Flower Essences to him.

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The Essential Flower Essence Handbook - new revised edition

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Includes a philosophical overview, testimonials, charts, handy reference guides, and new terminology for the novice and seasoned practitioner alike.  It is a comprehensive essence repertory with information about using essences with children and animals, for women in menopause, and more.  Complete with symptom index. New revised edition includes additional 12 years of collected research and information..($24.95)
Flower Essences for Animals
Click on photo or title for full information!

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Dosage Bottles

We offer you custom 1 oz dosage blends of SiNE Flower Essences.  Use the Flower Essences Questionnaire or Flower Essences Questionnaire for Pet's Needs first to determine what you want, or follow the advice of a practitioner or your Guidance, and send us a list in email or put a list in the Message/Instructions box on the shopping cart page to let us know which essences you want us to combine for you.  This is an economical way for you to "test drive" a blend without going to the expense of purchasing each component remedy. 

1 oz DOSAGE BOTTLES (please specify brandy or glycerin as preservative, or no preservative):
(It is not recommended to blend this many essences at a time, but you may wish to combine with other brands such as FES or Bach, so we show the price options below.)

Three remedies     $8.00 Add to Shopping Cart
Four remedies      $10.00 Add to Shopping Cart
Five remedies       $12.00 Add to Shopping Cart
Six, seven, or eight remedies $15.00 Add to Shopping Cart

If more than eight remedies are desired, please list in the Message/Instructions box at checkout in the Shopping Cart or send us an email with the additions and we will add $1 per remedy above eight.

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All essences on this page are available in 1/2 oz. ($10.95) and 1 oz. ($12.95) dropper bottles.  1 oz while supplies last. Discontinued by brand. Full boxed set in 1/2 oz is $197.00.  Additional time is occasionally necessary for shipping boxed sets (about a week).

If you don't want to use the Shopping Cart links, go to Ordering Instructions for alternatives. We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover Card, and PayPal.  (For your browsing convenience, the ordering instructions page will open in a new window.)   Orders are also accepted at 1-505-934-3861 and by email.  If you are a repeat customer and none of your information has changed, we can process the order for you with just a list of products, brands, and sizes. 

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