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Introduction to South African Essences

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These essences provide you with a valuable toolbox of vibrational healing. Their focus is to help you to clear away the garbage and to establish and deepen your relationship with your Higher Self and with God Goddess All That Is. They assist you in finding and living your destiny, bringing the abundance, prosperity, joy and the excitement you desire into your life as well as playing your part in creating the future you want for your world.

The South African Flower Essences also deal in depth with all the reasons we believe we are not able to do this, all the games we play with ourselves, as well as with others, and with the aspects of ourselves which stand in our way. Like peeling off the layers of an onion, they work to put you in touch with who you really are.

The end of the millennium marks the entering of a new paradigm. It is time to bring the exoteric world of the rational mind, the masculine world of business and achievement, and the inner, esoteric, feminine world of intuition and mysticism together. Esoteric knowledge used to mean "hidden knowledge for the chosen few." Today, this knowledge is available to everyone.

Now it is of the greatest importance to become conscious of what we think and feel, what beliefs and attitudes we hold and what choices and decisions we make. We also need to look at what we actually expect, what we want and what we imagine. Working with these, with consciousness and dedication, can change your life.

The South African Flower Essences are made by Jannet Unite-Penny on the slopes of the magical Table Mountain in the Cape of Good Hope, which lies at the southern tip of Africa,. Here the energy leylines, which run the length of the continent, converge, amplifying and focusing the continental energy. Table Mountain is an enormously powerful energy site and is regarded by many as one of the twelve chakras of the planet. The San (Bushman) and African people hold it as a sacred place of healing in their traditions.

In botanical terms there are six floral kingdoms in the world. The Cape Peninsula is home to one of these, by far the smallest area in which a whole kingdom of plants originates. Nowhere else in the world is such a wide variety of different species of plant concentrated in one area. Over 8 600 species are know and more are still being discovered. The flowers of South Africa, and especially of the Cape Peninsula, are stunningly diverse and beautiful.

As Jan Smuts, South African statesman, founder of the League of Nations and father of holism, put it, "Many of our beautiful flowers are well known far beyond South Africa, and may be seen in private and public collections internationally. But people are not aware that originally they came from the Cape, where they were collected in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries by European botanists and collectors, sent to the Cape expressly for the purpose."

Smuts points out the plants of the Cape belong to a flora which is unique and mysterious, in that “a large number of plant families are found nowhere else in the world. New names had to be invented for whole families and species of plants, a new botanical world had been discovered of unique and strange characters." Of South African origin are such species as geraniums, freesias, gladioli, agapanthus, sparaxis, arum lilies, red hot pokers and many other well known plants.

Flower essences are a potent tool for transformation of the self and for spiritual growth. They act as a catalyst, facilitating the raising of levels of self-awareness and removing blockages which inhibit the free flow of energy in the physical and subtle bodies.

As Lazaris tells us, the Law of Resonance states that when two energy fields vibrating at different frequencies are brought together, the resonance of the two must meet. Either the higher will be pulled down to the lower, the lower will be raised to the higher, or they will meet somewhere in between.

When flower essences are made, the flower is used because it is the highest manifestation of the plant. Taking drops orally or using them externally on pulse points, meridians or chakras, introduces the resonance of the flower into your energy field. Here it holds its vibrational resonance and raises the resonance of your aura, clearing negativity. Once your subtle bodies are clear, your physical body has to follow.

The South African Flower Essences capture the unique, etheric imprint of the flowers, together with the mystical vibration of the Cape, and make it available to any who choose to use it, whether it be for healing of themselves, or of the world. These flower essences are magical energies which can assist you in transmuting the suffering of the past, in integrating the lessons of the karma you have chosen and in laying it aside to move joyfully into a new way of being. These are tools your Higher Self, Soul and Spirit can use to lift you to a different level of consciousness and change your life.

Often we are rather attached to the struggle in our lives, it justifies all sorts of things we do. However, these essences are not about struggle, they are about joyful transformation, moving into the New Age, accessing different dimensions of consciousness, expanding exponentially to become more of who we are. They are about consolidating the powerful, co-creative partnership with your Higher Self.

May they help you discover much happiness, fulfillment, wonder, joy, and ever-expanding levels of self-discovery.

Recommendations for Use

Although we have given keynotes for each essence, please read all the information on the essence you are using as intricate emotional and mental states are involved. Summarising this can lose some of the meaning. The cross-reference is not intended to be comprehensive, it is simply an indication to facilitate your use of the essences.

We have found that the essences often work together in denominations of seven. Using a single essence may have a more powerful effect, however, if your testing indicates several different essences as often happens, these will fuse together and create the right energy pattern for you.

The individual flower essences are at stock potency, made directly from the mother essences. Therefore, if you want to use a combination over a period of time, you can make up dosage bottles by mixing a third brandy with spring or filtered water and adding seven drops of each essence you require. The combination essences are at dosage level and should not be diluted.

Take the essences at least four times daily, seven if you can, especially when you wake up in the morning and when you go to sleep at night. Use either seven drops in water or one drop under the tongue. As the essences work on the principle of vibrational healing, it is the frequency with which you take them, not the quantity taken, which is important. In times of need the essences can be taken every fifteen minutes or, alternatively, ask your Higher Self and guides how you should use them and then test for the answer, using the methods we have talked about.

The essences can, additionally, be of benefit when used externally by applying them directly to pulse points or on chakras, by adding them to massage oils or by putting a few drops in your bath.

Sometimes it is possible to read the description of the usage of an essence and to understand, or know intuitively, that it is needed. If this works for you, use it. However, because of the subtle levels of energy in which these essences operate, it is often advisable to consult your subconscious or Higher Self and to test for the essences required with a pendulum (dowsing) or with muscle testing (kinesiology). In current times, it is crucial that we, as individuals, empower ourselves which is why we recommend that you take personal responsibility for determining which essences you need. Take back your power, use the methods given below and trust yourself.

There is a simple method of using your fingers for muscle testing whereby you link the tip of your little finger and the tip of your thumb on your non-dominant hand. Then link the thumb and index finger on your dominant hand and insert them into the circle made by the fingers of the other hand. To test, ask a question and try to break the circuit of your thumb and little finger by pushing the thumb and index finger apart. The circuit will hold for a positive answer and break for a negative answer. Experiment by asking questions to which you know the answers. 

These are very straightforward and effective methods and simply require that you ask for the information, then trust the response. 


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