by Mindy Sampson, owner


Question: How long has Healing Waters been in business?

Answer: We opened April 14, 2000.

Question: How long have you personally been involved with essences?

Answer: I used Rescue Remedy (Bach) from the mid-1980s without knowing what it was - all I knew was that it worked. In the mid-1990s, I was introduced to one or two of the Bach single remedies, and read a pamphlet about them at a local health food store, but I didn't understand the concept of how to choose remedies. It wasn't until early 1998 that I was "prescribed" a combination of several Bach flowers and saw how they worked for me that I understood their use and became interested in learning more.

Question: How many essences do you have?

Answer: The short answer is "a lot." I'm really not sure anymore! I need to update our Index of Essence Names, since it is incomplete now that we've added new brands. I think we have more than 1,800 essences in stock (multiplied by size options!), and Morningstar products also have a choice of preservatives.  When I recently checked links in the Shopping Cart, there were almost 3000 items -- before adding Morningstar (a few thousand more items)!

Question: Why doesn't your shopping cart show shipping/handling during checkout? I know the URL for the rates is included on my checkout page, but I'm used to seeing the complete total before I pay.

Answer: I appreciate your concerns. A lot of people these days expect all online businesses to have features like one-click purchasing and complete totals because a lot of the major corporations and even some smaller companies provide these. The problem is this: those companies either only ship within the USA or they have very fancy, expensive shopping cart systems and paid developers who have input the prices and shipping weights and postal zones so things are automatically calculated. At Healing Waters, we have limited resources and a simple shopping cart and serve customers in 54 countries as of early 2010. There is no way for our cart or even for PayPal checkout to handle all the possible variations in weights, postage, and fees. This is why we have posted rates and policies and we abide strictly by them. PayPal now adds amounts for domestic and international shipping based on purchase price, but of course you can buy a very small yet expensive item or a very large yet lightweight item and the shipping prices will be all wrong. WE WILL FIX ANY DISCREPANCIES by a refund or an additional bill. If the cart has caused you to underpay by a small amount, we usually pay the difference. It is worth it to us to lose a little money to save you the inconvenience of extra bills.


Question: Do you keep everything on hand all the time?

Answer:   We do pretty well to keep most items on hand and can obtain most things within a week. Some delays do occur, especially for the imports, although we do try to stay better stocked all the time to minimize inconvenience as much as possible.  We don't keep all the Morningstar products in stock because there are so many choices, but typically it takes only two to four days to order those in. If you're in a hurry and your whole order is Morningstar, for no extra charge we can arrange for your items to be dropshipped to you to save you time.

Question: Why should I buy from Healing Waters? I already have accounts with a couple of the brands you carry.

Answer: There are several advantages to you in buying from us. We have no retail minimum, and you can buy from several lines without incurring multiple shipping charges. We keep your billing and shipping information in a secure location so you can have orders processed with a minimum of effort on your part. We have more variety and can therefore meet your needs more specifically than most stores. We take care of all currency exchange and other hassles associated with international ordering for you.  And we'll match any verifiable internet-advertised sale price offered by the brand producers. There's no reason not to order from Healing Waters!

Question: Some of your prices seem high.  I have found websites that have what you have for 25% off.  Why is this true?

Answer: Many of the places offering big discounts are artificially inflating their "regular" price (e.g., using a regular price much higher than the recommended retail price so a "sale" price looks like a good deal .  When we have a 25% off sale, it is off the authentic MSRP, not an inflated price.  Another reason you may see much lower prices elsewhere is that you may be looking at huge distributing companies that sell "wholesale to the public" and have large minimum orders or require membership dues.  If you are willing to go through the extra work of establishing a local cooperative (co-op), pooling orders, and dividing/distributing mass orders for all the people involved, that may work for you.  We hope to be of more service to people who want easy ordering at reasonable prices.

Question: Can I order by phone?

Answer: Sure thing! We take orders by e-mail, phone, text, shopping cart, mail, and in person. If you get our voicemail, please leave as complete a message as you can, but check back if you do not hear from us. I am the only one with access codes for retrieving messages, so the system is secure for personal information. If you are a returning customer and none of your billing or shipping information has changed, you can just leave your name and a list of items and we'll take it from there! We don't have a tollfree number anymore because most people have free long distance on their cell phone. If you are concerned about charges, we can call you back.

Question: How long will it take for my order to arrive?

Answer: Inside the USA, we ship by Priority Mail, which means 2 to 4 days delivery from date of mailing (not date of order) to anywhere in the country. Outside the USA, airmail usually takes about 7 to 10 days, but we can use Express or Priority as well. If something is backordered, we will try to estimate for you how long it might take for us to restock. We try to ship most items the same or next day, except during our Anniversary or Holiday sales, when it occasionally takes us longer to process the volume of sales and maintain our available inventory. If you talk to a real person (not just leave voicemail) or communicate by e-mail and he/she verifies your product is in stock before 4:00 PM weekdays or 2:00 PM weekends, there is a good chance your order will be mailed same day.

Question: By when do I need to order something to have it delivered overnight?

Answer: Overnight delivery is only available within the USA. You need to have your order verified in stock by phone or email before 4:30 PM weekdays to enable guaranteed overnight delivery. Even then, sometimes we will find out from the post office at time of mailing that there is no overnight service available in certain areas. In that case, we will send Second Day Air, the next-best guaranteed service. We will do our best for you, but we hesitate to guarantee that anything will be delivered overnight unless it is well within our known time allowance and to a city we are familiar with. Usually, USPS Priority Mail is adequate for most needs and it is very often 2-day service from here to Arizona, California, Colorado, Utah, Oklahoma, and parts of Texas and Nevada.

Question: I live outside the USA and sometimes my orders come by Express, or Priority, or by regular airmail. Why does the shipping method change?

Answer: For small orders of only a few items, regular airmail is significantly less expensive and we use that unless you have requested faster shipping. The heavier a package is, the more economical express shipping is. For large orders, if the difference between regular and express is less than $5, we use express, which includes insurance and tracking. It's really a bargain for the larger orders. Since we charge actual postage after mailing for orders outside the USA, we try to be careful with your costs and use the best option possible.

Question: Do you do consultations? I'm brand new to essences and don't quite know what I need.

Answer: We have several free questionnaires with the answer key included that you can use online or print out. That's usually the best first approach to deciding what you need. It took me two months to put together my own first order from an out-of-town store when I branched out from Bach and FES, which I could easily buy locally. I do try to answer as many questions as I can and will direct you to professional consultants for more information when it is necessary. I am not a practitioner of any brand, but I am well-read and educated about what we carry.

Question: How do you choose what products Healing Waters sells?

Answer: When we opened, Healing Waters carried nine brands with which I was personally familiar and relied on most. As time has gone on, we have added more brands, all of which were frequently requested and which have proven themselves to have deserved good reputations. We don't want to have a lot of redundancy in the essences; that is, we like to be able to address as many specific needs as possible without having a lot of duplication of essences. Each of the brands we have offers something unique and appealing.

Question: May I send you samples of my own essences for evaluation and possibly have them carried in your store?

Answer: While we do encourage people to make their own essences, we have a policy of only offering the most widely recognized name brands. We are not prepared to evaluate new brands on the market or intuit the purpose of what you have made at home. It would therefore not be advisable to send us unsolicited samples. Our goal is not to be the biggest store, but to offer as many popular quality products as possible and practical.

Question: My order arrived with an extra product that I did not order....what should I do with it?

Answer: There are two reasons something extra may have been sent to you. The first is that we do sometimes enclose a little gift to show our appreciation for your business, and we do try to make mention of that on your packing slip. However, we do occasionally make a mistake and pack in a product that got mixed in with your order as it was being processed. You are certainly entitled to keep the item at no charge if you can use it or give it to a friend in need. If it is something you have no use for, you can send it back unopened at your own expense.

Question: My order arrived without something I asked for. Why did this happen and what will you do about it?

Answer: Sometimes a "missing item" really is there but shifted during shipping and is under a box flap or came loose in the packing material. So, first, please make sure the item really isn't there. We try to mark backorders on your packing slip, so please look at it and see if your missing item is being sent separately. And sometimes we forget to make that notation, so a friendly call or email to check the status of the missing item would be a good idea. If we did overlook an item, we will of course send it to you at the first opportunity, the postage at our expense. Our goal is to keep you satisfied with our service and we will work to correct any mistakes we make.

Question: I gave you my credit card information, but the invoice in my package shows a balance due. Do I have to call again?

Answer: If a balance due appears on your packing slip and you gave us your billing information, then we shipped your order before charging your account. Don't worry, we'll take care of it. We try to bill orders promptly, but we do get behind from time to time, especially during the rush of the Anniversary and Holiday sales. Generally, the invoice in your package shows the total of your order at the time of shipping with discounts applied, if any, and adjustments will be made for additions, credits, postage, etc., before your card is charged. If we have a valid e-mail address for you, we can email you a copy of your invoice stamped "Paid."

Question: I just got an automated receipt of a credit card charge in my e-mail, but I haven't made a purchase in several weeks. What's going on?

Answer: If you live outside the USA, that receipt is probably for the postage of your most recent order(s). We sometimes charge the postage after mailing, so that is usually a separate receipt from the payment for your products. If we were behind in billing your products, one charge may cover the order including shipping.

Question: I realized after ordering that I asked for the wrong things. Can I return what I have changed my mind about?

Answer: On an order-by-order individually judged basis, we may accept limited returns within 30 days of your original order date as long as the original seal is intact and you have discussed your return with Healing Waters and received authorization to proceed. We reserve the right to refuse returns of special orders, large quantities, or for other reasons deemed as a hardship or unusual. Return postage is at your own expense. If your return is approved and we receive your returned merchandise in resellable condition within 30 days of your original order date, we will either exchange products (if requested), refund the amount paid for the products to your original payment method, or give you store credit toward a future purchase, whatever you prefer. If you refuse a domestic USPS delivery unopened, you typically do not have to pay return postage and we will refund your original payment method for the amount paid for the products upon receipt if within 30 days from order date. Shipping/handling costs are not refundable unless it was our error that caused a package to be delivered to the wrong address.

In the case of an exchange and you want a new product mailed before we receive the exchanged product, your account will be billed for the new item and its postage and the return will be refunded upon receipt in good condition.

Question: My package came with a broken bottle....will you replace it?

Answer:  Usually we can do this. If a replacement is not possible, we may refund your product cost. Please call or email us so we know there is a problem and can advise you of the options.  We do ask that you return the broken item by first-class mail [least expensive method because it is at your expense] and let us know what kind of packaging was used (box, envelope, bubblepak, peanuts, etc.) so we can improve our methods. We also accept a digital photo by email so you won't have to pay postage and we still have verification of the damage.

Question: Why is it that sometimes I'll email you at one address but the reply comes from a different address?

Answer: Our business email accounts are linked to enable us to do business when we are out of the office. If I am out of town, I can usually still correspond with you by e-mail. Our main e-mail address is, and even if we have responded to you from our Yahoo or Earthlink accounts, we prefer to have all replies still go to the main address so as much mail as possible is contained in one place.

Question: Is the "509" in your FAX number a typo?

Answer: No, that's the real number! When we first opened, we used a free internet fax service for incoming faxes. To qualify for the free service, we were limited to numbers available in the home state of the fax company, which happened to have a prefix one digit different from our New Mexico prefix. We have since upgraded our fax service, but chose to keep the number since it was familiar to many of our customers and printed on our letterhead, brochures, and cards.

Question: Do you have a catalog?

Answer: No, just a store brochure and the free literature provided by fewer than half the brands we offer. We are working on a print catalog, but I haven't figured out the practical logistics of having an attractive, usable catalog of all 1,500+ essences. It is a priority, though, so we will keep you posted with progress. We expect to have one sometime in 2008. If you need a quantity of brochures to hand out at a workshop or send to friends, we will try to supply. We have posted a fairly complete Morningstar catalog - click here.


You can use the Shopping Cart links on each page of this web site, or go to Ordering Instructions for alternatives. We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover Card, and PayPal.  (For your browsing convenience, the ordering instructions page will open in a new window.)   Orders are also accepted at 1-505-934-3861 and by email.  If you are a repeat customer and none of your information has changed, we can process the order for you with just a list of products, brands, and sizes. 

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