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Index by Essence Name, Part 1 AL

January 29, 2016, always more to do...

This is an alphabetical listing (A-L) of most essences for sale by Healing Waters.  This list is updated from time to time to reflect new products and brands. The brand name is in parentheses.  Each essence name is hyperlinked to its description on that brand's page. 

Please be aware that if there are several listings for a single essence name, for example, "Willow," each brand may have a different description and recommended use for that essence, so be sure to check out each individual entry.  Also, if you are looking for a particular flower, it may be available in several colors (such as red hibiscus and white hibiscus, or any of the yarrows, or different roses), so you might want to search this page for the flower -- if you are looking for particular colors without regard to the flower or gem, search for the color).

You can skip to sections of the alphabet by clicking on that letter in the line below.  If you have a certain essence in mind, please use the Find feature of your Browser to locate that essence.  Happy browsing!


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A Child's Blend (Power of Flowers)

Abbeville Red/Nelsonii Iris (Power of Flowers)

Abundance (Pacific Essences)

Abund Essence (Australian Bush Flower Essences)

Acacia (FES Research Essences)

Accident Cream (formerly Pain Cream) (Living Essences of Australia)

Acceptance (Angelic Essences)

Accident Spray (formerly Pain Spray) (Living Essences of Australia)

Activ-8 (FES - Flourish)

Active Serenity (Living Tree Orchids)

Acute Dependency (Bailey Flower Essences)

Adol Essence (Australian Bush Flower Essences)

African Banana (South African Flower Essences)

Agapanthus (South African Flower Essences)

Agate (PHI Essences)

Aggression Orchid (PHI Essences)

Agrimony (Bach)

Agrimony (FES Research Essences)

Agrimony (Healing Herbs)

Agrimony (PHI Essences)

Air (Findhorn)

Air (White Light - Ian White)

Ak Mar Oni: The One (Angelic Essences)

Ak Mar Sant: Gracious Undertaking (Angelic Essences)

Al Siba Ru: The Essence of Creation (Angelic Essences)

Alaska Violet (Alaskan Flower Essence Project)

Alba, Rose (Findhorn)

Alchemy Blend (Power of Flowers)

Alder (Alaskan Flower Essence Project)

Aleuria (PHI Essences)

Algae (PHI Essences)

Algerian Iris (Bailey Flower Essences)

Aligning the Grid (Angelic Essences)

ALL THAT IS, The (Angelic Essences)

Almond (Bailey Flower Essences)

Almond (FES - Range of Light)

Almond (SiNE, formerly Master's Flower Essences)

Almond Tree (PHI Essences)

Aloe (South African Flower Essences)

Aloe (PHI Essences)

Aloe Vera (Flower Essence Services/FES)

Aloe Vera (Power of Flowers)

Alpine Aster (FES - Range of Light)

Alpine Azalea (Alaskan Flower Essence Project)

Alpine Lily (Flower Essence Services/FES)

Alpine Mint Bush (Australian Bush Flower Essences)

Alum Root (Pacific Essences)

Amaryllis (Bailey Flower Essences)

Amazon (Light Frequency - Ian White)

Amazon Cream (PHI Essences)

Amazon Mushroom No. 1 (PHI Essences)

Amazon Mushroom No. 2 (PHI Essences)

Amazon Stone (PHI Essences)

Amazonas (PHI Essences)

Amazonite (Alaskan Flower Essence Project)

Amber (Alaskan Flower Essence Project)

Amber (Pacific Essences)

Amethyst (PHI Essences)

Amethyst (Pacific Essences)

Amethyst, Brazilian (Alaskan Flower Essence Project)

Amethyst Deceiver (PHI Essences)

Amethyst, Scepter (Alaskan Flower Essence Project)

Ancient Grandmother (Ancient Forest Essences)

Ancient Olive from Crete (Ancient Forest Essences)

Ancient Yew (Findhorn)

Andean Fire (Living Tree Orchids)

Anemone (Pacific Essences)

Angel Orchid (PHI Essences)

Angel of Protection Orchid (PHI Essences)

Angelite (Ancient Forest Essences)

Angelic (White Light - Ian White)

Angelic Canopy (Living Tree Orchids)

Angelic Emergency Formula (Angelic Essences)

Angelic Healing, Balancing, and Integration (Angelic Essences)

Angelic Lance (Angelic Essences)

Angelic Spray (Angelic Essences)

Angelica (Alaskan Flower Essence Project)

Angelica (Flower Essence Services/FES)

Angelica (Power of Flowers)

Angelica, Mountain (FES - Research Essences)

Angel's Trumpet (Flower Essence Services/FES)

Angel's Trumpet (Power of Flowers)

Angel's Trumpet, Pink (FES Research)

Angelsword (Australian Bush Flower Essences)

Anger and Frustration (Bailey Flower Essences)

Animal Care (Alaskan Flower Essence Project)

Animal Rescue Formula (FES - Flourish)

Annular Solar Eclipse (Ancient Forest Essences)

Antarctic (Light Frequency - Ian White)

Antiseptic Bush (Living Essences of Australia)

Apatite (PHI Essences)

Apophyllite (Alaskan)

Apophylite (Pacific Essences)

Apple (FES Research Essences)

Apple (Findhorn)

Apple (SiNE, formerly Master's Flower Essences)

Apple Blossom (Power of Flowers)

Apricot (FES Research Essences)

Apricot (South African Flower Essences)

Apricot Poppy (Bailey Flower Essences)

Aquamarine (Alaskan)

Aquamarine (Pacifice Essences)

Aquamarine (PHI Essences)

Aquarius Moon Essence (Himalayan)

Aquarius Sun Essence (Himalayan)

Aragonite (Alaskan)

Aragonite (Pacific Essences)

Arbutus (Pacific Essences)

Archangel Ariel (Angelic Essences)

Archangel Gabriel (Angelic Essences)

Archangel Michael (Angelic Essences)

Archangel Raphael (Angelic Essences)

Archangel Uriel (Angelic Essences)

Arctic (Light Frequency - Ian White)

Ariel, Archangel (Angelic Essences)

Arise and Awaken Blend (Power of Flowers)

Aries Moon Essence (Himalayan)

Aries Sun Essence (Himalayan)

Aristea (South African Flower Essences)

Arizona Cypress (Ancient Forest Essences)

Arizona Fir (Bailey Flower Essences)

Arizona Juniper (Ancient Forest Essences)

Arnica (Flower Essence Services/FES)

Arnica (PHI Essences)

Arnica Allay (formerly Arnica Alleve) (Flower Essence Service/FES oils)

Artemisia (PHI Essences)

Arum Lily (South African Flower Essences)

Ashley Michelle Hybrid Iris (Power of Flowers)

Aspen (Bach)

Aspen (FES Research Essences)

Aspen (Healing Herbs)

Aspen (PHI Essences)

Aster, Douglas (Pacific Essences)

Astral Orchid (Himalayan Flower Enhancers)

Attunement (Angelic Essences)

Aura Cleaning (Himalayan Flower Enhancers)

Aura Cleansing Cactus (PHI Essences)

Aura Spray (PHI Essences)

Australian Tea Tree (South African Flower Essences)

Authenticity (Himalayan Flower Enhancers)

Autumn Leaves (Australian Bush Flower Essences)

Avebury Stone Circle (Ancient Forest Essences)

Aventurine (Alaskan)

Aventurine (Pacifice Essences)

Avocado (FES Research Essences)

Avocado (SiNE, formerly Master's Flower Essences)

Avocado (South African Flower Essences)

Awakened Heart (Angelic Essences)

Awakening (Angelic Essences)

Awareness with Love - Indigo #3 (Angelic Essences)

Azalea (South African Flower Essences)

Azurite (Alaskan)

Azurite (Pacific Essences)

Baby Blue Eyes (Power of Flowers)

Baby Blues (Findhorn)

Baby Blue Eyes (Flower Essence Services/FES)

Baeometra(South African Flower Essences)

Balance (Angelic Essences)

Balance of Dark Component of the Future Energies (Angelic Essences)

Balance of Light Component of the Future Energies (Angelic Essences)

Balancer (Pacific Essences)

Balancing and Integration, Angelic Healing (Angelic Essences)

Balga (Blackboy) (Living Essences of Australia)

Balsam (Findhorn)

Balsam Poplar (Alaskan Flower Essence Project)

Bamboo Orchid (Jane Bell)

Banana (FES Research Essences)

Banana (PHI Essences)

Banana (SiNE, formerly Master's Flower Essences)

Banksia, Menzies (Living Essences of Australia)

Banksia, Old Man (Australian Bush Flower Essences)

Banksia Robur (Australian Bush Flower Essences)

Banksia, Woolly (Living Essences of Australia)

Banyan Tree (Jane Bell)

Barnacle (Pacific Essences)

Barrel Cactus, Golden (PHI Essences)

Base Regulator (Living Tree Orchids)

Basil (Flower Essence Services/FES)

Basil (PHI Essences)

Basil (South African Flower Essences)

Bauhinia (Australian Bush Flower Essences)

Bauhinia (South African Flower Essences)

Be in the Present (Angelic Essences)

Beauty Cactus (PHI Essences)

Beauty Cream (Findhorn)

Bee Balm (FES Research Essences)

Beech (Bach)

Beech (Healing Herbs)

Beech (PHI Essences)

Befitting the Divine Transition (Angelic Essences)

Beginning, The: OSH IT A MAAT (Angelic Essences)

Behold the Silence (Living Tree Orchids)

Being Completely Loved (Angelic Essences)

Being in Grace (Living Tree Orchids)

Being in Time (Living Tree Orchids)

Being Present (Living Tree Orchids)

Being True Worth (Pacific Essences)

Bell Gardenia (South African Flower Essences)

Bell Heather (Findhorn)

Bell Heather, Pink (South African Flower Essences)

Belladonna (FES Research Essences)

Belladonna Lily (South African Flower Essences)

Bells of Ireland (Power of Flowers)

Bells of Ireland, Green (Alaskan Flower Essence Project)

Bells of Ireland, Green (FES - Range of Light)

Betony (Bailey Flower Essences)

Billy Goat Plum (Australian Bush Flower Essences)

Birch (Findhorn)

Bird of Paradise (PHI Essences)

Birthing (Findhorn)

Bistort (Bailey Flower Essences)

Bistort (PHI Essences)

Black Cohosh (Power of Flowers)

Black Cohosh (Flower Essence Services/FES)

Black-Eyed Susan (Australian Bush Flower Essences)

Black-Eyed Susan (Flower Essence Services/FES)

Black Forest (Ancient Forest Essences)

Black Kangaroo Paw (Living Essences of Australia)

Black Locust (Bailey Flower Essences)

Black Spruce (Alaskan Flower Essence Project)

Black Tourmaline (Alaskan Flower Essence Project)

Black Tourmaline (PHI Essences)

Blackberry (Flower Essence Services/FES)

Blackberry (PHI Essences)

Blackberry (Power of Flowers)

Blackberry (SiNE, formerly Master's Flower Essences)

Blackboy (Balga) (Living Essences of Australia)

Blackthorn (Bailey Flower Essences)

Bladder Senna (Bailey Flower Essences)

Bladderwort (Alaskan Flower Essence Project)

Blazing Star (FES - Range of Light)

Bleeding Heart (Alaskan Flower Essence Project)

Bleeding Heart (Flower Essence Services/FES)

Bleeding Heart (Power of Flowers)

Bleeding Heart (PHI Essences)

Blessed Be (Angelic Essences)

Bliss is this! (Angelic Essences)

Bloodroot (FES Research Essences)

Bloodstone (Alaskan Flower Essence Project)

Bloodstone (Pacific Essences)

Blue Angel (Living Tree Orchids)

Blue Camas (Pacific Essences)

Blue China Orchid (Living Essences of Australia)

Blue Dragon (Himalayan Flower Enhancers)

Blue Elf Viola (Alaskan Flower Essence Project)

Blue Flag Iris (FES Research Essences)

Blue Gum (PHI Essences)

Blue Lace Agate (Pacific Essences)

Blue Leschenaultia (Living Essences of Australia)

Blue Lupin (Pacific Essences)

Blue Moon Over Herkimer (Ancient Forest Essences)

Blue Moon, Waning (Ancient Forest Essences)

Blue Pimpernel (Bailey Flower Essences)

Blue Sapphire (PHI Essences)

Blue Sugalite (PHI Essences)

Blue Topaz (PHI Essences)

Blue Tourmaline (PHI Essences)

Bluebell (Australian Bush Flower Essences)

Bluebell (Bailey Flower Essences)

Bluebell (Pacific Essences)

Bluebell (South African Flower Essences)

Blueberry Cactus (PHI Essences)

Blueberry Pollen (Alaskan Flower Essence Project)

Blushing Bride (South African Flower Essences)

Boab (Australian Bush Flower Essences)

Body Bliss Mist (Living Essences of Australia)

Bog (Alaskan Flower Essence Project)

Bog Asphodel (Bailey Flower Essences)

Bog Blueberry (Alaskan Flower Essence Project)

Bog Candle (Alaskan Flower Essence Project)

Bog Rosemary (Alaskan Flower Essence Project)

Bon Voyage (Findhorn)

Borage (Flower Essence Services/FES)

Borage (PHI Essences)

Borage (Power of Flowers)

Borage (South African Flower Essences)

Boronia (Australian Bush Flower Essences)

Boronia, Yellow (Living Essences of Australia)

Bottle Brush (South African Flower Essences)

Bottlebrush (Australian Bush Flower Essences)

Boundless Peace (Living Tree Orchids)

Brachycome (Living Essences of Australia)

Bracken Alc (Bailey Flower Essences)

Bracken Aqueous (Bailey Flower Essences)

Brazilian Amethyst (Alaskan Flower Essence Project)

Brazilian Quartz (Alaskan Flower Essence Project)

Bridge between 3rd and 5th Dimensions, The (Angelic Essences)

Brighten Your Day Blend (Power of Flowers)

Bristlecone Pine (Ancient Forest Essences)

Broom (Findhorn)

Brown Boronia (Living Essences of Australia)

Brown Kelp (Pacific Essences)

Buchu (South African Flower Essences)

Buddha Essences (Angelic Essences)

Bunchberry (Alaskan Flower Essence Project)

Bush Fuchsia (Australian Bush Flower Essences)

Bush Gardenia (Australian Bush Flower Essences)

Bush Iris (Australian Bush Flower Essences)

Butterbur (Bailey Flower Essences)

Buttercup (Bailey Flower Essences)

Buttercup (Flower Essence Services/FES)

Buttercup (Power of Flowers)

Buttercup (PHI Essences)

Butterwort (PHI Essences)


Cabbage (Findhorn)

Cabbage Tree, Mountain (South African Flower Essences)

Cactus (separate index of all cactus essences)

Calcite (Pacific Essences)

Caldera (Jane Bell)

Calendula (Flower Essence Services/FES)

Calendula (South African Flower Essences)

Calendula Caress (Flower Essence Services/FES oils)

California Fuchsia (FES Research Essences)

California Peony (FES - Range of Light)

California Pitcher Plant (Flower Essence Services/FES)

California Poppy (Flower Essence Services/FES)

California Poppy (Power of Flowers)

California Valerian (FES - Range of Light)

California Wild Rose (Flower Essence Services/FES)

Calla Lily (Flower Essence Services/FES)

Calla Lily (Power of Flowers)

Calla Lily (PHI Essences)

Calling All Angels (Alaskan Flower Essence Project)

Calm & Clear (Australian Bush Flower Essences)

Calm Me Down (Findhorn)

Camas, Blue (Pacific Essences)

Camellia (Pacific Essences)

Camellia, Red (South African Flower Essences)

Carnelian (Alaskan Flower Essence Project)

Campion, Rose (FES Research Essences)

Canary Island Bellflower (PHI Essences)

Canary Island Pine (PHI Essences)

Cancer Bush (South African Flower Essences)

Cancer Moon Essence (Himalayan)

Cancer Sun Essence (Himalayan)

Candle of Life (Living Essences of Australia)

Candystick (Pacific Essences)

Canyon Dudleya (Flower Essence Services/FES

Cape Almond (South African Flower Essences)

Cape Bluebell (Living Essences of Australia)

Cape Honeysuckle (South African Flower Essences)

Cape Leadwort (PHI Essences)

Capricorn Moon Essence (Himalayan)

Capricorn Sun Essence (Himalayan)

Carnelian (Alaskan Flower Essence Project)

Carnelian (Pacific Essences)

Carnival (Living Tree Orchids)

Carrot, Wild (PHI Essences)

Cassandra (Alaskan Flower Essence Project)

Cassiope (FES - Range of Light)

Cat's Ear (Power of Flowers)

Catspaw (Living Essences of Australia)

Cattail Pollen (Alaskan Flower Essence Project)

Cauliflower (South African Flower Essences)

Cayenne (Flower Essence Services/FES)

Cedar (FES Research Essences)

Cedar (Himalayan Flower Enhancers)

Celebration (Angelic Essences)

Celebration (Living Tree Orchids)

Celestial Crystal (PHI Essences)

Celestial Defender (Living Tree Orchids)

Celestial Siren (Living Tree Orchids)

Celestial Triangle (Living Tree Orchids)

Celestite (Pacific Essences)

Cellular Memory (Bailey Flower Essences)

Cellular Memory (Pacific Essences)

Celtic Healing Springs (Ancient Forest Essences)

Centaury (Bach)

Centaury (FES Research Essences)

Centaury (Healing Herbs)

Centaury (PHI Essences)

Centering & Meditation (Living Essences of Australia)

Centre Renewal (Living Tree Orchids)

Cerato (Bach)

Cerato (Healing Herbs)

Cerato (PHI Essences)

Ceres Vision (Ancient Forest Essences)

Chalice Well (Alaskan Flower Essence Project)

Chamomile (Flower Essence Services/FES)

Chamomile (FES Research Essences)

Chamomile (PHI Essences)

Champagne (Himalayan Flower Enhancers)

Channelling Orchid (PHI Essences)

Chaparral (Flower Essence Services/FES)

Charlock (Bailey Flower Essences)

Clear the Aura Blend (Power of Flowers)

Cherry (FES - Range of Light)

Cherry (Findhorn)

Cherry (SiNE, formerly Master's Flower Essences)

Cherry Plum (Bach)

Cherry Plum (FES Research Essences)

Cherry Plum (Healing Herbs)

Cherry Plum (PHI Essences)

Cherry, White (Bailey Flower Essences)

Chestnut (South African Flower Essences)

Chestnut Bud (Bach)

Chestnut Bud (Healing Herbs)

Chestnut Bud (PHI Essences)

Chestnut, Red (Bach)

Chestnut, Red (Healing Herbs)

Chestnut, Red (PHI Essences)

Chestnut Rose (PHI Essences)

Chestnut, White (Bach)

Chestnut, White (Healing Herbs)

Chestnut, White (PHI Essences)

Chi Mu: The Lemurian Sea (Angelic Essences)

Chicago Buddha (Ancient Forest Essences)

Chickweed (Pacific Essences)

Chicory (Bach)

Chicory (FES Research Essences)

Chicory (Healing Herbs)

Chicory (PHI Essences)

Child's Blend, A (Power of Flowers)

Childhood (Bailey Flower Essences)

Children's Flower (Himalayan Flower Enhancers)

Chiming Bells (Alaskan Flower Essence Project)

China (Light Frequency - Ian White)

Chinese Hibiscus (PHI Essences)

Chinkerinchee (South African Flower Essences)

Chiron (Himalayan Flower Enhancers)

Chiton (Pacific Essences)

Chocolate Lily (Alaskan Flower Essence Project)

Chocolate Lily (FES - Range of Light)

Chocolate Orchid (PHI Essences)

Christ Essences (Angelic Essences)

Christ Thorn (South African Flower Essences)

Christmas Bell (Australian Bush Flower Essences)

Christmas Rose (FES Research Essences)

Christmas Tree (Kanya) (Living Essences of Australia)

Chrysanthemum (Flower Essence Services/FES)

Chrysocolla (Pacific Essences)

Chrysoberyl (PHI Essences)

Chrysocolla (Alaskan Flower Essence Project)

Chrysoprase (Alaskan Flower Essence Project)

Cinnabar (Alaskan Flower Essence Project)

Cinnamon Rose (PHI Essences)

Cinquefoil (FES Research Essences)

Citrine (Alaskan Flower Essence Project)

Citrine (Pacific Essences)

Citrine (PHI Essences)

Clairaudient (Angelic Essences)

Clairsentient (Angelic Essences)

Clairvoyant (Angelic Essences)

Clarity (Himalayan Flower Enhancers)

Clarity (Living Essences of Australia)

Clary Sage (FES Research Essences)

Clean Sweep (Jane Bell)

Clean Sweep Spray (Jane Bell)

Clear Light (Findhorn)

Clear Mind (Living Tree Orchids)

Clear and Releasing (Living Tree Orchids)

Clearing of the Water #1 - Natures Call (Angelic Essences)

Clearing of the Water #2 - Song of Life (Angelic Essences)

Clearing of the Water #3 - Harmonizing Patterns (Angelic Essences)

Clearing of the Water #4 - Power of the Deep (Angelic Essences)

Clearing the Way / Self Belief (Living Tree Orchids)

Clematis (Bach)

Clematis (FES Research Essences)

Clematis (Healing Herbs)

Clematis (PHI Essences)

Clivia (South African Flower Essences)

Clover, Red (Bailey Flower Essences)

Clover, Red (Flower Essences Services/FES)

Clover, Red (PHI Essences)

Clover, White (FES Research Essences)

Cloudberry (Alaskan Flower Essence Project)

Clustered Tough Shank (PHI Essences)

Co-Creation: OOM SHA WA (Angelic Essence)

Coconut (SiNE, formerly Master's Flower Essences)

Coconut Palm (Jane Bell)

Coconut Palm (PHI Essences)

Coffee (FES Research Essences)

Coffee, Wild (South African Flower Essences)

Cognis Essence (Australian Bush Flower Essences)

Colour Orchid (PHI Essences)

Coltsfoot (PHI Essences)

Columbine (Alaskan Flower Essence Project)

Columbine (FES - Range of Light)

Comandra (Alaskan Flower Essence Project)

Combination Poppy (Alaskan Flower Essence Project)

Comfrey (Alaskan Flower Essence Project)

Cornfrey (FES Research Essences)

Comfrey (South African Flower Essences)

Coming Home (Angelic Essences)

Comning Home (Living Tree Orchids)

Common Puffball (PHI Essences)

Common Viper's Bugloss (PHI Essences)

Communion (Angelic Essences)

Compact Rush (Bailey Flower Essences)

Compassion (Angelic Essences)

Cone Flower (PHI Essences)

Coneflower, Yellow (Living Essences of Australia)

Confid Essence (Australian Bush Flower Essences)

Confusion (Bailey Flower Essences)

Conifer Mazegill (Bailey Flower Essences)

Connecting the Energy Bodies (Angelic Essences)

Connecting to the Source (Angelic Essences)

Consciousness Component of the Future Energies (Angelic Essences)

Contentment for Men Health Mist (Living Essences of Australia)

Coordination Orchid (PHI Essences)

Copper (PHI Essences)

Coral (Jane Bell)

Coral (Pacific Essences 'Gem')

Coral (Pacific Essences 'Sea')

Coral (PHI Essences)

Coral Root, Northern (Alaskan Flower Essences Project)

Coral Tree (South African Flower Essences)

Core of Being (Living Tree Orchids)

Core Release (Living Tree Orchids)

Coreopsis (FES Research Essences)

Corn (Flower Essence Services/FES)

Corn (PHI Essences)

Corn (SiNE, formerly Master's Flower Essences)

Corn (South African Flower Essences)

Corn Lily (FES - Range of Light)

Correa (Living Essences of Australia)

Corydalis, Golden (Alaskan Flower Essences Project)

Cosmos (Flower Essence Services/FES)

Cosmos (Power of Flowers)

Cosmos (South African Flower Essences)

Cotton (FES Research Essences)

Cotton Grass (Alaskan Flower Essence Project)

Cottonwood (Ancient Forest Essences)

Courgette (PHI Essences)

Covellite (Alaskan Flower Essence Project)

Cowkicks (Living Essences of Australia)

Cow Parsnip (Alaskan Flower Essence Project)

Cowslip Orchid (Living Essences of Australia)

Crab (PHI Essences)

Crab Apple (Bach)

Crab Apple (FES Research Essences)

Crab Apple (Healing Herbs)

Crab Apple (PHI Essences)

Crab Apple (South African Flower Essences)

Crassula (South African Flower Essences)

Crater Lake (Ancient Forest Essences)

Creating Realities/Imagination (Angelic Essences)

Creative (Australian Bush Flower Essences)

Creativity (Living Essences of Australia)

Crisis Relief (Living Essences of Australia)

Crocoite (Pacific Essences)

Crocus, Purple (Pacific Essences)

Cross Gentian, Green (FES - Range of Light)

Crowberry (Alaskan Flower Essence Project)

Crowea (Australian Bush Flower Essences)

Crown of Consciousness (Living Tree Orchids)

Crown of Serenity (Living Tree Orchids)

Crowning Glory, The: IL AN SO MA (Angelic Essences)

Crystal Child (Ancient Forest Essences)

Crystal Clear (Angelic Essences)

Crystal Saxifrage (Alaskan Flower Essence Project)

Crystal Stone Circle (Ancient Forest Essences)

Cucumber (South African Flower Essences)

Cup of Gold (Jane Bell)

Cymbidium Orchid (Bailey Flower Essences)

Cyprus Rock Rose (Bailey Flower Essences)

Daffodil (FES Research Essences)

Daffodil (South African Flower Essences)

Dagga, Wild (South African Flower Essences)

Dagger Hakea (Australian Bush Flower Essences)

Dahlia, Mountain (South African Flower Essences)

Daisy (Findhorn)

Daisy (PHI Essences)

Dampiera (Living Essences of Australia)

Dandelion (Alaskan Flower Essence Project)

Dandelion (Flower Essence Services/FES)

Dandelion (PHI Essences)

Dandelion (Power of Flowers)

Dandelion (South African Flower Essences)

Dandelion Dynamo (Flower Essence Services/FES oils)

Date (SiNE, formerly Master's Flower Essences)

Dawn, Golden (Himalayan Flower Essences)

Death Camas (Pacific Essences)

Deceiver, Amethyst (PHI Essences)

Deep Red Peony (Bailey Flower Essences)

Deep Relaxation (Ancient Forest Essences)

Deerbrush (Flower Essence Services/FES)

Defend and Protect (Living Tree Orchids)

Defend Protect & Purify (Living Tree Orchids)

Defender from the Dark (Living Tree Orchids)

Defender of the Light (Living Tree Orchids)

Defender of the Source (Living Tree Orchids)

Delph (PHI Essences)

Delph Cream (PHI Essences)

Delph Spray (PHI Essences)

Delphinium (Bailey Flower Essences)

Demeter (Pacific Essences)

Dependency (Bailey Flower Essences)

Depression and Despair (Bailey Flower Essences)

Desert Lily (FES - Range of Light)

Deva Orchid (PHI Essences)

Devic (White Light - Ian White)

Devil, Mountain (Australian Bush Flower Essences)

Devil's Club (Alaskan Flower Essence Project)

Diamond (Alaskan Flower Essence Project)

Diamond (PHI Essences)

Diamond, Herkimer (Alaskan Flower Essence Project)

Diamond, Herkimer (PHI Essences)

Diatoms (Pacific Essences)

Dill (Flower Essence Services/FES)

Dill (PHI Essences)

Diopside (Alaskan Flower Essence Project)

Direct Vision (Living Tree Orchids)

Disa (South African Flower Essences)

Discernment (Angelic Essences)

DNA-64 (Angelic Essences)

DNA Clearing (Angelic Essences)

Do Your Pourpose (Angelic Essences)

Dog Rose (Australian Bush Flower Essences)

Dog Rose (Bailey Flower Essences)

Dog Rose (South African Flower Essences)

Dog Rose of the Wild Forces (Australian Bush Flower Essences)

Dogwood(Flower Essence Services/FES)

Dogwood (Power of Flowers)

Dolphin (Pacific Essences)

Dolphin Blessings (Jane Bell)

Donkey Orchid (Living Essences of Australia)

Doorway to Higher Dimensional Frequencies, The [Indigo/Gateway #1] (Angelic Essences)

Double Espresso (Living Tree Orchids)

Double Snowdrop (Bailey Flower Essences)

Douglas Aster (Pacific Essences)

Douglas Fir (Power of Flowers)

Down to Earth (Himalayan Flower Enhancers)

Downy Avens (FES - Range of Light)

Dragon, Blue (Himalayan Flower Essences)

Dryas, Yellow (Alaskan Flower Essences Projects)

Ducks in a Row (Healing Waters House Brand)

Dune Calendula (South African Flower Essences)

Dune Primrose (Ancient Forest Essences)

Dune Primrose (FES - Range of Light)

Dwarf Fireweed (Alaskan Flower Essence Project)

Dwarf Poinciana (Jane Bell)

Dwarf Purple Vetch (Bailey Flower Essences)

Dynamis (Australian Bush Flower Essences)

Ear Drops, Golden (Flower Essences Services/FES)

Early Purple Orchid (Bailey Flower Essences)

Earth (Findhorn)

Earth (Pacific Essences)

Earth (White Light - Ian White)

Earth Alignment Blend (Power of Flowers)

Earth Healing #1 - The Foundation (Angelic Essences)

Earth Healing #2 - Sea and Stone (Angelic Essences)

Earth Healing #3 - Crust and Crystal (Angelic Essences)

Earth Healing #4 - Evolutionary Promise (Angelic Essences)

Earth Star Cactus (PHI Essences)

Easter Lily (now renamed to White Trumpet Lily) (Flower Essence Services/FES)

Easter Lily (Pacific Essences)

Echinacea (Flower Essence Services/FES)

Ecstasy (Himalayan Flower Enhancers)

Elecampane (Findhorn)

Elder (Findhorn)

Elder, Red (Alaskan Flower Essences Project)

Electro (Australian Bush Flower Essence)

Elf Cup Lichen (Findhorn)

Elm (Bach)

Elm (Healing Herbs)

Elm (PHI Essences)

Embracing Earth Incarnation/Opening to (Angelic Essences)

Emerald (Alaskan Flower Essence Project)

Emerald (Pacific Essences)

Emerald (PHI Essences)

Emergency (Australian Bush Flower Essences)

Emotional Component of the Future Energies (Angelic Essences)

Emotions in Balance (Living Essences of Australia)

Enchanter's Nightshade (Alaskan Flower Essence Project)

Endurance (Himalayan Flower Enhancers)

Energy (Living Essences of Australia)

Energy Liberator (Bailey Flower Essences)

Energy Matrix Protection (Living Tree Orchids)

Energy Shield (Findhorn)

English Hawthorne (South African Flower Essences)

Entering the Next Dimensional Shift - Indigo #2 (Angelic Essences)

Equanimity (Healing Waters House Brand)

Eremophila, Purple (Living Essences of Australia)

Eremophila, White (Living Essences of Australia)

Erica, Red (South African Living Essences)

Eros (Findhorn)

Eros Cream (Findhorn)

Eros Gel (Findhorn)

Eros Spray (Findhorn)

Essence of Creation, The: AL SIBA RU (Angelic Essences)

Ether (Findhorn)

Eucalyptus (FES Research Essences)

Evening Primrose (Flower Essence Services/FES)

Evening Primrose (Power of Flowers)

Evening Primrose (PHI Essences)

Evening Primrose (South African Flower Essences)

Ever Expanding Awareness (in Love): JO SU NEE (Angelic Essence)

Everlasting, Pink (Living Essences of Australia)

Everything is OK (Healing Waters House Brand)

Exaltation (Findhorn)

Expanding Possibilities (Angelic Essences)

Expansion (Himalayan Flower Enhancers)

Explorer's Gentian (FES - Range of Light)

Eye of the Tiger (Living Tree Orchids)

Eyebright (PHI Essences)

Fairy-Bell (Pacific Essences)

Fairy Lantern (Flower Essence Services/FES)

Fairy Orchid (Alaskan Flower Essence Project)

False Hellebore (Alaskan Flower Essence Project)

Fawn Lily (Flower Essence Services/FES)

Fear-Less (FES - Flourish)

Fearlessness (Pacific Essences)

Fears (Bailey Flower Essences)

Feather Flower, Red (Living Essences of Australia)

Felicia (South African Flower Essences)

Femin Essence (Australian Bush Flower Essences)

Femininity (Findhorn)

Fertility (Findhorn)

Feverfew (FES Research Essences)

Fiesta Flower (FES - Range of Light)

Fig (FES Research Essences)

Fig (Power of Flowers)

Fig (SiNE, formerly Master's Flower Essences)

Fig (South African Flower Essences)

Filaree (Flower Essence Services/FES)

Fire (Findhorn)

Fire (Pacific Essences)

Fire (White Light - Ian White)

Firethorn (Bailey Flower Essences)

Fireweed (Alaskan Flower Essence Project)

Fireweed (FES - Range of Light)

Fireweed (Pacific Essences)

Fireweed (PHI Essences)

Fireweed (Power of Flowers)

Fireweed Combo (Alaskan Flower Essence Project)

Fire Agate (Pacific Essences)

Fire of Life (Living Tree Orchids)

Fire Opal (PHI Essences)

Fireweed, White (Alaskan Flower Essences Project)

First Aid (Findhorn)

First Aid Cream (Findhorn)

First Aid Gel (Findhorn)

Five Corners (Australian Bush Flower Essences)

Five Flower Formula (Healing Herbs)

Flag Flower, Purple (Living Essences of Australia)

Flag Flower, Yellow (Living Essences of Australia)

Flame Azalea (Bailey Flower Essences)

Flannel Flower (Australian Bush Flower Essences)

Flannel Flower, Pink (Australian Bush Flower Essences)

Flexibility (Healing Waters House Brand)

Flight (Himalayan Flower Enhancers)

Flora-Sleep (FES - Flourish)

Fluorite (PHI Essences)

Flower, Monkey (Findhorn)

Flowering Cherry (South African Flower Essences)

Flowering Currant (Bailey Flower Essences)

Flowering Gum (South African Flower Essences)

Flowering Quince (South African Flower Essences)

Fluorite (Alaskan Flower Essence Project)

Fluorite (Pacific Essences)

Fluorite Combo (Alaskan Flower Essence Project)

Fly Agar (PHI Essences)

Follow Your Bliss (Ancient Forest Essences)

Foothill Monkeyflower (FES Research Essences)

Forever Young Energy Essence (PHI Essences)

Forget-Me-Not (Alaskan)

Forget-Me-Not (Flower Essence Services/FES)

Forget-Me-Not (PHI Essences)

Forget-Me-Not (Power of Flowers)

Forget-Me-Not (South African Flower Essences)

Forget-Me-Not, Mountain (FES - Range of Light)

Forgiving (Pacific Essences)

Formation Cactus (PHI Essences)

Forsythia (Bailey Flower Essences)

Forsythia (Pacific Essences)

Fountain Triggerplant, Pink (Living Essences of Australia)

Foxglove (Alaskan Flower Essence Project)

Foxglove (Bailey Flower Essences)

Frangipani (South African Flower Essences)

Frangipani, Red (Bailey Flower Essences)

Freesia (South African Flower Essences)

Freedom from Fear (Angelic Essences)

Frequency of Love - a bridge between the 3rd and 5th Dimensions (Angelic Essences)

Freshwater Mangrove (Australian Bush Flower Essences)

Fringed Lily Twiner (Living Essences of Australia)

Fringed Mantis Orchid (Living Essences of Australia)

Fringed Violet (Australian Bush Flower Essences)

Fruits of Courage (Living Tree Orchids)

Fruits of Love (Living Tree Orchids)

Fuchsia (Flower Essence Services/FES)

Fuchsia (Power of Flowers)

Fuchsia (Pacific Essences)

Fuchsia (South African Flower Essences)

Fuchsia, California (FES Research Essences)

Fuchsia Grevillea (Living Essences of Australia)

Fuchsia Gum (Living Essences of Australia)

Fuchsite (Pacific Essences)

Fuji Cherry (Bailey Flower Essences)

Full Embodiment of the Soul (Angelic Essences)

Full Moon Eclipse (Ancient Forest Essences)

Full Moon Reflection (Alaskan Flower Essence Project)

Fullhorn Cattleya (PHI Essences)

Fumaria (South African Flower Essences)

Furnace of Life (Living Tree Orchids)

Fun Orchid (PHI Essences)

Future Energies, Balance of Dark Component (Angelic Essences)

Future Energies, Balance of Light Component (Angelic Essences)

Future Energies, Consciousness Component (Angelic Essences)

Future Energies, Emotional Component (Angelic Essences)

Future Energies, Heart Component (Angelic Essences)

Future Energies, Mental Component (Angelic Essences)

Future Energies, Physical Component (Angelic Essences)

Gabriel, Archangel (Angelic Essences)

Galena (Pacific Essences)

Garlic (Flower Essence Services/FES)

Garlic, Wild (PHI Essences)

Garlic, Wild (South African Flower Essences)

Garden Pea (Findhorn)

Gardenia, Wild (South African Flower Essences)

Garnet (PHI Essences)

Garnet, Green (Alaskan Flower Essences Project)

Garnet, Green (Pacific Essences)

Garnet, Red (Pacific Essences)

Gateway (Himalayan Flower Enhancers)

Gateway of Completion - Indigo #5 (Angelic Essences)

Gateway to Truth, Passion, Purpose, Hope - Indigo #4 (Angelic Essences)

Gateways of Consciousness (Angelic Essences)

Gazania (South African Flower Essences)

Gemini Moon Essence (Himalayan)

Gemini Sun Essence (Himalayan)

Gentian (Bach)

Gentian (Healing Herbs)

Gentian (PHI Essences)

Gentle Geisha (Living Tree Orchids)

Gentle Sleep (Living Tree Orchids)

Geraldton Wax (Living Essences of Australia)

Geranium (PHI Essences)

Geranium Incanum (South African Flower Essences)

Geranium, White (South African Flower Essences)

Getting There (Healing Waters House Brand)

Giant Bellflower (Bailey Flower Essences)

Giant Blue/I. Giganticaurulea Iris (Power of Flowers)

Giant Protea (South African Flower Essences)

Giant Sequoia (Ancient Forest Essences)

Ginger, Wild (South African Flower Essences)

Ginkgo (Findhorn)

Giving Hands (Living Essences of Australia)

Glacier Fawn Lily (Power of Flowers)

Glacier River (Alaskan Flower Essence Project)

Glassy Hyacinth (FES - Range of Light)

Globe Thistle (FES Research Essences)

Globe Thistle (Findhorn)

Go With the Flow (Findhorn)

Goatsbeard (Alaskan Flower Essence Project)

Goatsbeard (Pacific Essences)

Go-Create (Alaskan Flower Essence Project)

Goddess (Himalayan Flower Enhancers)

Goddess of Creation, Goddess of Fire: Pele (Angelic Essences)

Goddess of Fire, Goddess of Creation: Pele (Angelic Essences)

Goddess Grasstree (Living Essences of Australia)

Gold (Alaskan Flower Essence Project)

Gold (PHI Essences)

Golden Barrel Cactus (PHI Essences)

Golden Corydalis (Alaskan Flower Essence Project)

Golden Crown, Lightbody #3 (Angelic Essences)

Golden Dawn (Himalayan Flower Enhancers)

Golden Ear Drops (Flower Essence Services/FES)

Golden Glory Grevillea (Living Essences of Australia)

Golden Iris (Findhorn)

Golden Light, Lightbody #2 (Angelic Essences)

Golden Lodgepole Pine (Ancient Forest Essences)

Golden Radiance (Living Tree Orchids)

Golden Waitsia (Living Essences of Australia)

Golden Yarrow (Flower Essence Services/FES)

Goldenrod (Flower Essence Services/FES)

Good Grief (Angelic Essences)

Gorse (Bach)

Gorse (Findhorn)

Gorse (Healing Herbs)

Gorse (PHI Essences)

Grace (FES - Flourish)

Grace (Angelic Essences)

Gracious Undertaking: AK MAR SANT (Angelic Essences)

Grape (SiNE, formerly Master's Flower Essences)

Grape Hyacinth (Pacific Essences)

Grapefruit (FES Research Essences)

Grapefruit (South African Flower Essences)

Grass of Parnassus (Alaskan Flower Essence Project)

Grass of Parnassus (Findhorn)

Grass Widow (Pacific Essences)

Grassy Bell (South African Flower Essences)

Gratefulness (Himalayan Flower Enhancers)

Gratitude (Angelic Essences)

Gratitude and Abundance (Ancient Forest Essences)

Gray Coral Fungus (PHI Essences)

Greater Celandine (Bailey Flower Essences)

Green (Australian Bush Flower Essences)

Green Bells of Ireland (Alaskan Flower Essence Project)

Green Bells of Ireland (FES - Range of Light)

Green Bog Orchid (Alaskan Flower Essence Project)

Green Cross Gentian (FES - Range of Light)

Green Fairy Orchid (Alaskan Flower Essence Project)

Green Garnet (Alaskan Flower Essence Project)

Green Garnet (Pacific Essences)

Green Jasper (Alaskan Flower Essence Project)

Green Nicotiana (FES - Range of Light)

Green Pepper (South African Flower Essences)

Green Rein Orchid (FES - Range of Light)

Green Rose (FES - Range of Light)

Green Rose (Living Essences of Australia)

Green Rose (PHI Essences)

Green Spider Orchid (Australian Bush Flower Essences)

Green Tourmaline (Alaskan Flower Essence Project)

Green Tourmaline (Pacific Essences)

Green Tourmaline/Smoky Quartz (Alaskan Flower Essence Project)

Green Volcanic Fire (Ancient Forest Essences)

Greenland Icecap (Alaskan Flower Essence Project)

Grevillea (South African Flower Essences)

Grevillea, Golden Glory (Living Essences of Australia)

Grevillea, Red (Australian Bush Flower Essences)

Grey Spider Flower (Australian Bush Flower Essences)

Grief (Bailey Flower Essences)

Grief Relief (FES - Flourish)

Grounding (Bailey Flower Essences)

Grounding Cactus (PHI Essences)

Grounding Green (FES - Flourish)

Grove Sandwort (Alaskan Flower Essence Project)

Guardian (Alaskan Flower Essence Project)

Guardian of the Inner Journey (Living Tree Orchids)

Gulaga (Himalayan Flower Enhancers)

Gulaga Crystal (Himalayan Flower Enhancers)

Gulaga Orchid (Himalayan Flower Enhancers)

Gum, Blue (PHI Essences)

Guys Rock (Power of Flowers)

Gymea Lily (Australian Bush Flower Essences)

Hairy Butterwort (Alaskan Flower Essence Project)

Hairy Sedge (Bailey Flower Essences)

Hairy Yellow Pea (Living Essences of Australia)

Hallelujah! (Angelic Essences)

Happiness (Himalayan Flower Enhancers)

Happy Child Blend (Power of Flowers)

Happy Days are Here Again (Angelic Essences)

Happy Relief (Living Tree Orchids)

Happy Wanderer (Living Essences of Australia)

Hara to Heart (Living Tree Orchids)

Harebell (Alaskan Flower Essence Project)

Harebell (Findhorn)

Harmony (Angelic Essences)

Harmony and Relaxation Mist (Living Essences of Australia)

Hermit Crab (Pacific Essences)

Harvest Brodiaea (FES Research Essences)

Harvest Lily (Pacific Essences)

Hawaiian Monkeypod (Ancient Forest Essences)

Hawaiian Ohia (Ancient Forest Essences)

Hawkweed (Bailey Flower Essences)

Hawthorn (FES - Range of Light)

Hawthorn (PHI Essences)

Hazel (Findhorn)

Heal the Heart Blend (Power of Flowers)

Healer's Blend (Power of Flowers)

Healing (Himalayan Flower Enhancers)

Healing Emotional Trauma (Angelic Essences)

Healing the Cause (Findhorn)

Healing the Father (Angelic Essences)

Healing the Heart of the Soul (Angelic Essences)

Healing the Hidden [Heyoka] (Living Tree Orchids)

Healing the Higher Heart (Living Tree Orchids)

Healing the Mother (Angelic Essences)

Heart Component of the Future Energies (Angelic Essences)

Heart / Emotional Energy Balancer (PHI Essences)

Heart Light (Angelic Essences)

Heart of Hearts (Angelic Essences)

Heart of Light (Living Tree Orchids)

Heart of Mary Magdalene (Angelic Essences)

Heart of Oneness (Angelic Essences)

Heart of Tantra (Himalayan Flower Enhancers)

Heart of Transcendence (Angelic Essences)

Heart of Wholeness (Angelic Essences)

Heart Orchid (PHI Essences)

Heartsong (Australian Bush Flower Essences)

Heart Support (Findhorn)

Heath Bedstraw (Bailey Flower Essences)

Heath, Tree (PHI Essences)

Heather (Bach)

Heather (Healing Herbs)

Heather (PHI Essences)

Heather, Pink Bell (South African Flower Essences)

Heaven's Gate (Living Tree Orchids)

Help Now (Ancient Forest)

Herkuleskeule (PHI Essences)

Hematite (Alaskan Flower Essence Project)

Hematite (Pacific Essences)

Hematite (PHI Essences)

Here and Now Cactus (PHI Essences)

Herkimer Diamond (Alaskan Flower Essence Project)

Herkimer Diamond (PHI Essences)

Hibbertia (Australian Bush Flower Essences)

Hibiscus (Flower Essence Services/FES)

Hibiscus (Power of Flowers)

Hibiscus (South African Flower Essences)

Hibiscus Pollen (Jane Bell)

Hidden Splendor (Himalayan Flower Enhancers)

High Vibe (Angelic Essences)

Higher Self (White Light - Ian White)

Higher Self Orchid (PHI Essences)

Himalayan Blue Poppy (Bailey Flower Essences)

Hive of Heaven (Living Tree Orchids)

Holly (Bach)

Holly (FES Research Essences)

Holly (Healing Herbs)

Holly (PHI Essences)

Holly (South African Flower Essences)

Holly Leaf (Bailey Flower Essences)

Holy Grail (Findhorn)

Holy Thorn (Findhorn)

Home (Angelic Essences)

Honesty (Bailey Flower Essences)

Honeysuckle (Bach)

Honeysuckle (Bailey Flower Essences)

Honeysuckle (FES Research Essences)

Honeysuckle (Healing Herbs)

Honeysuckle (PHI Essences)

Hooker's Onion (Pacific Essences)

Hook-up (Angelic Essences)

Hope (Angelic Essences)

Hops Bush (Living Essences of Australia)

Horn of Plenty (PHI Essences)

Horn of Plenty Orchid (PHI Essences)

Hornbeam (Bach)

Hornbeam (Healing Herbs)

Hornbeam (PHI Essences)

Horsetail (Alaskan Flower Essence Project)

Horse Tail (PHI Essences)

Hound's Tongue (Flower Essence Services/FES)

Huckleberry, Red (Pacific Essences)

Hula Moon (Jane Bell)

Hyacinth (South African Flower Essences)

Hybrid Pink Fairy/Cowslip Orchid (Living Essences of Australia)

Hypericum (South African Flower Essences)

Hyssop (FES - Range of Light)

Icelandic Poppy (Alaskan Flower Essence Project)

Identity (Healing Waters House Brand)

Il An So Ma: The Crowning Glory (Angelic Essences)

Illawarra Flame Tree (Australian Bush Flower Essences)

Illumine (FES - Flourish)

Illyarrie (Living Essences of Australia)

Imagination/Creating Realities (Angelic Essences)

Impatiens (Bach)

Impatiens, Pink (Living Essences of Australia)

Impatiens (Healing Herbs)

Impatiens (PHI Essences)

In La'kesh (Angelic Essences)

Indian Balsam (Bailey Flower Essences)

Indian Banyan Tree (Ancient Forest Essences)

Indian Paintbrush (Flower Essence Services/FES)

Indian Paintbrush (Power of Flowers)

Indian Pink (Flower Essence Services/FES)

Indian Pipe (Pacific Essences)

Indigo #1 (Angelic Essences)

Indigo #2 (Angelic Essences)

Indigo #3 (Angelic Essences)

Indigo #4 (Angelic Essences)

Indigo #5 (Angelic Essences)

Indigo #6 (Angelic Essences)

Indigo #7 (Angelic Essences)

Inner Child (Findhorn)

Inner Cleansing Cactus (PHI Essences)

Inner Peace (Living Tree Orchid)

Inner Strength (Living Essences of Australia)

Insecurity (Bailey Flower Essences)

Inside/Outside Cactus (PHI Essences)

Inspiration (Angelic Essences)

Inspiration Cactus (PHI Essences)

Inspiration Orchid (PHI Essences)

Integrity (Healing Waters House Brand)

Interdimensional Traveler (Angelic Essences)

Interdimensional Traveler Too / Interdimensional Emergency Formula (Angelic Essences)

Internal Cleansing (Living Tree Orchids)

Intimacy Blend (Power of Flowers)

In-Light (Angelic Essences)

Iolite (Pacific Essences)

Iona Pennywort (Findhorn)

Iris (Flower Essence Services/FES)

Iris (Power of Flowers)

Iris (PHI Essences)

Iris, Abbeville Red/nelsonii (Power of Flowers)

Iris, Ashley Michelle Hybrid (Power of Flowers)

Iris, Blue Flag (FES Research Essences)

Iris, Bush (Australian Bush Flower Essences)

Iris, Giant Blue/I. Giganticaurulea (Power of Flowers)

Iris, Golden (Findhorn)

Iris Heaven Blend (Power of Flowers)

Iris, Red iFulva Baylou (Power of Flowers)

Iris, Sierra (FES Research Essences)

Iris, Wild (Alasken Flower Essences Project)

Iris, Wild (South African Flower Essences)

Irish Fairy Tree (Ancient Forest Essences)

Isan (Himalayan Flower Enhancers)

Isis (Pacific Essences)

Isopogon (Australian Bush Flower Essences)

Ivy (Bailey Flower Essences)

Ixia (South African Flower Essences)

Jacaranda (Australian Bush Flower Essences)

Jacaranda (South African Flower Essences)

Jacob's Ladder (Alaskan Flower Essence Project)

Jade (Pacific Essences)

Jadeite Jade (Alaskan Flower Essence Project)

Japanese Rose (PHI Essences)

Jelly Tongue (PHI Essences)

Jasmine (FES Research Essences)

Jasmine, Star (FES Research Essences)

Jasmine, Wild (South African Flower Essences)

Jasper (Pacific Essences)

Jasper, Green (Alaskan Flower Essence Project)

Jasper, Red (PHI Essences)

Jellyfish (Pacific Essences)

Jet Lag / Sleep Energy Balancer (PHI Essences)

Joshua Tree (Ancient Forest Essences)

Joshua Tree (FES - Range of Light)

Jo Su Nee: Ever Expanding Awareness (in Love) (Angelic Essences)

John the Baptist Essence (Angelic Essences)

Joyful Cactus (PHI Essences)

Joyful Expansion (Angelic Essences)

Joyful Sexuality (PHI Essences)

Joyous Purification (Living Tree Orchids)

Jupiter (PHI Essences)

Just Me (Living Tree Orchids)

K9 (PHI Essences)

Kali (Pacific Essences)

Kangaroo Paw (Australian Bush Flower Essences)

Kangaroo Paw, Black (Living Essences of Australia)

Kangaroo Paw, Purple & Red (Living Essences of Australia)

Kangaroo Paw, Red & Green (Living Essences of Australia)

Kangaroo Paw, Yellow & Green (Living Essences of Australia)

Kapok Bush (Australian Bush Flower Essences)

Karma Klear (Findhorn)

Karmic Calm (Living Tree Orchids)

Karmic Imprints Blend (Power of Flowers)

Keurtjie (South African Flower Essences)

Kid's Stuff (Pacific Essences)

Kinder Garden (FES - Flourish)

Knight's Cloak (Living Tree Orchids)

Knowing (Angelic Essences)

Kuan Yin (Pacific Essences)

Kunzite (Alaskan Flower Essence Project)

Kunzite (Pacific Essences)

Kwan Yin / Quan Yin Essence (Angelic Essences)

Labrador Tea (Alaskan Flower Essence Project)

Labradorite (Alaskan Flower Essence Project)

Lace Agate, Blue (Pacific Essences)

Lace Flower (Alaskan Flower Essence Project)

Ladies' Mantle (Alaskan Flower Essence Project)

Ladies' Tresses (Alaskan Flower Essence Project)

Lady's Mantle (FES - Range of Light)

Lady's Mantle (Findhorn)

Lady's Slipper (Alaskan Flower Essence Project)

Lady's Slipper (Flower Essence Services/FES)

Lady's Slipper, Northern (Alaskan Flower Essences Project)

Lake Baikal (Light Frequency - Ian White)

Lakshmi (Pacific Essences)

Lamb's Quarters (Alaskan Flower Essence Project)

Lapis Lazuli (Alaskan Flower Essence Project)

Lapis Lazuli (Pacific Essences)

Lapis Lazuli (PHI Essences)

Lapland Rosebay (Alaskan Flower Essence Project)

Larch (Bach)

Larch (Bailey Flower Essences)

Larch (Healing Herbs)

Larch (PHI Essences)

Larimar (Alaskan Flower Essence Project)

Larimar (Pacific Essences)

Larkspur (Flower Essence Services/FES)

Larkspur (Power of Flowers)

Larkspur, Red (FES Range of Light)

Laughing Butterflies (Living Tree Orchids)

Laurel (Findhorn)

Lava (Jane Bell)

Lavender (Flower Essence Services/FES)

Lavender (Power of Flowers)

Lavender (PHI Essences)

Lavender (South African Flower Essences)

Lavender Yarrow (Alaskan Flower Essence Project)

Leafless Orchid (Living Essences of Australia)

Lemon (FES - Range of Light)

Lemon (PHI Essences)

Lemon (South African Flower Essences)

Lemurian Sea, The: Chi Mu (Angelic Essences)

Leo Moon Essence (Himalayan Flower Enhancers)

Leo Sun Essence (Himalayan Flower Enhancers)

Leopardsbane (Bailey Flower Essences)

Lepidolite (Pacific Essences)

Lepiste (PHI Essences)

Leschenaultia, Blue (Living Essences of Australia)

Leschenaultia, Red (Living Essences of Australia)

Leschenaultia, Yellow (Living Essences of Australia)

Lesser Stitchwort (Bailey Flower Essences)

Let Go (Himalayan Flower Enhancers)

Letting Go (Angelic Essences)

Lettuce (SiNE, formerly Master's Flower Essences)

Levity (Healing Waters House Brand)

Lewisia (FES - Range of Light)

Liard Hot Springs (Alaskan Flower Essence Project)

Liberation (Bailey Flower Essences)

Liberation / Deception (Living Tree Orchids)

Libra Moon Essence (Himalayan Flower Enhancers)

Libra Sun Essence (Himalayan Flower Enhancers)

Lichen (Australian Bush Flower Essences)

Lichen (Bailey Flower Essences)

Lichen (PHI Essences)

Lichen, Elf Cup (Findhorn)

Life Direction [Lanata] (Living Tree Orchids)

Life Force (Findhorn)

Life Force Cactus (PHI Essences)

Light Being (Findhorn)

Light Body Blend (Power of Flowers)

Light of My Eye (Living Tree Orchids)

Light of the Moon (Angelic Essences)

Lightbody #1 - Opening to the Golden Energies (Angelic Essences)

Lightbody #2 - The Golden Light (Angelic Essences)

Lightbody #3 - The Golden Crown (Angelic Essences)

Lighten Up (Alaskan Flower Essence Project)

Lights, Northern (Alaskan Flower Essences Project)

Lilac (Alaskan Flower Essence Project)

Lilac (Bailey Flower Essences)

Lilac (FES - Range of Light)

Lilac, White (Ancient Forest Essences)

Lily (Separate index of all lily essences)

Lime (Findhorn)

Little Flannel Flower (Australian Bush Flower Essences)

Living Abundance (Angelic Essences)

Living One's Truth (Angelic Essences)

Lodgepole Pine, Golden (Ancient Forest Essences)

Loneliness, Sadness and (Bailey Flower Essences)

Loquat (South African Flower Essences)

Lotus (Flower Essence Services/FES)

Lotus (Himalayan Flower Enhancers)

Lotus (Power of Flowers)

Lotus (PHI Essences)

Lotus (South African Flower Essences)

Lotus Cream (PHI Essences)

Lotus, White (Bailey Flower Essences)

Love (Angelic Essences)

Love and Thanks to Water (Angelic Essences)

Love Beyond Love (Living Tree Orchids)

Love Cactus (PHI Essences)

Love Elixir Blend (Power of Flowers)

Love-Lies-Bleeding (Flower Essence Services/FES)

Love-Light Essence (Angelic Essences)

Love Orchid (PHI Essences)

Love's Gift (Living Tree Orchids)

Love's Secret (Living Tree Orchids)

Luna: Moon (PHI Essences)

Lungwort (FES - Range of Light)

Lupin, Blue (Pacific Essences)

Lupine (FES - Range of Light)

Lupine, White (Alaskan Flower Essences Project)

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