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Index by Essence Name, Part 2

January 29, 2016, more to do still


This is an alphabetical listing (MZ) of most essences for sale by Healing Waters.  This list is updated from time to time to reflect new products and brands. The brand name is in parentheses.  Each essence name is hyperlinked to its description on that brand's page. 

Please be aware that if there are several listings for a single essence name, for example, "Willow," each brand may have a different description and recommended use for that essence, so be sure to check out each individual entry.  Also, if you are looking for a particular flower, it may be available in several colors (such as red hibiscus and white hibiscus, or any of the yarrows, or different roses), so you might want to search this page for the flower -- if you are looking for particular colors without regard to the flower or gem, search for the color).

You can skip to sections of the alphabet by clicking on that letter in the line below.  If you have a certain essence in mind, please use the Find feature of your Browser to locate that essence.  Happy browsing!


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Macrocarpa (Australian Bush Flower Essences)

Macrozamia (Living Essences of Australia)

Madia (Flower Essence Services/FES)

Madrone (FES - Range of Light)

Magenta Mantle (Flower Essence Services/FES)

Magenta Medicine/Healer (Flower Essence Services/FES)

Magenta Self-Healer (FES - Flourish)

Magnetite (PHI Essences)

Magnolia (white) (Bailey Flower Essences)

Magnolia (FES Research Essences)

Magnolia, Purple (Pacific Essences)

Magnolia, Tulip (South African Flower Essences)

Magnolia, White (Power of Flowers)

Mahonia (Bailey Flower Essences)

Maidenhair Fern (South African Flower Essences)

Maidenhair Tree (Kotre PHI)

Malachite (Alaskan Flower Essence Project)

Malachite (Pacific Essences)

Malachite (PHI Essences)

Male Papaya (Jane Bell)

Mallow (Findhorn)

Mallow (Flower Essence Services/FES)

Mallow, White (Bailey Flower Essences)

Mangano Calcite (Alaskan Flower Essence Project)

Mango (South African Flower Essences)

Many Headed Dryandra (Living Essences of Australia)

Many Zoned Polypore (PHI Essences)

Manzanita (Flower Essence Services/FES)

Manzanita (Power of Flowers)

Maple (South African Flower Essences)

Marian Thistle (FES Research Essences)

Marigold (Bailey Flower Essences)

Marigold (South African Flower Essences)

Mariposa Lily (Flower Essence Services/FES)

Mars (PHI Essences)

Masculinity (Findhorn)

Marsh Thistle (Bailey Flower Essences)

Mauve Melaleuca (Living Essences of Australia)

Maya (Pacific Essences)

Meadow Blend (Power of Flowers)

Meadow Garlic (PHI Essences)

Meadow Rue (Bailey Flower Essences)

Meditation (Australian Bush Flower Essences)

Mediterranean Sage (Bailey Flower Essences)

Memory Enhancer (Living Tree Orchids)

Men Energy Balancer (PHI Essences)

Mental Component of the Future Energies (Angelic Essences)

Menzies Banksia (Living Essences of Australia)

Mercury (PHI Essences)

Mercutio (Living Tree Orchids)

Messenger of the Heart (Living Tree Orchids)

Metal (Pacific Essences)

Metatron (Angelic Essences)

Meteor Shower (Ancient Forest Essences)

Michael, Archangel (Angelic Essences)

Milk Thistle (Bailey Flower Essences)

Milk Thistle (PHI Essences)

Milkweed (Flower Essence Services/FES)

Mimulus (Bach)

Mimulus (FES Research Essences)

Mimulus (Healing Herbs)

Mimulus (PHI Essences)

Mimulus (Power of Flowers)

Mind-Full (FES - Flourish)

Mint Bush (Australian Bush Flower Essences)

Mistletoe (FES Research Essences)

Mistletoe (PHI Essences)

Mock Orange (South African Flower Essences)

Mohammed's Message Essence (Angelic Essences)

Moldavite (Alaskan Flower Essence Project)

Moldavite (PHI Essences)

Monga Waratah (Australian Bush Flower Essences)

Monkey Flower (Findhorn)

Monkeyflower (Power of Flowers)

Monkeyflower, Pink (Flower Essences Services/FES)

Monkeyflower, Purple (Flower Essences Services/FES)

Monkeyflower, Scarlet (Flower Essences Services/FES)

Monkeyflower, Sticky (Flower Essences Services/FES)

Monkeypod Tree (Jane Bell)

Monkshood (Alaskan Flower Essence Project)

Monkshood (Bailey Flower Essences)

Monkshood (FES - Range of Light)

Montana Rhodochrosite (Alaskan Flower Essence Project)

Moon Child (Living Tree Orchids)

Moon: Luna (PHI Essences)

Moonstone (Alaskan Flower Essence Project)

Moonstone (Pacific Essences)

Moonstone (PHI Essences)

Moon Over Herkimer, Blue (Ancient Forest Essences)

Moon Snail (Pacific Essences)

Morning Glory (Flower Essence Services/FES)

Morning Glory (Himalayan Flower Enhancers)

Morning Glory (Power of Flowers)

Morning Glory (PHI Essences)

Morning Glory (South African Flower Essences)

Moschatel (Alaskan Flower Essence Project)

Moses Essence (Angelic Essences)

Moss (Bailey Flower Essences)

Mother Mary/Mother Moon (Angelic Essences)

Mother Moon / Mother Mary (Angelic Essences)

Mother Nurture Blend (Power of Flowers)

Motherwort (FES Research Essences)

Mountain Angelica (FES Research Essences)

Mountain Cabbage Tree (South African Flower Essences)

Mountain Dahlia (South African Flower Essences)

Mountain Devil (Australian Bush Flower Essences)

Mountain Forget-Me-Not (FES - Range of Light)

Mountain Larkspur, Tall (FES - Range of Light)

Mountain Pennyroyal (Flower Essence Services/FES)

Mountain Pride (Flower Essence Services/FES)

Mountain Pride (Power of Flowers)

Mountain Rose (South African Flower Essences)

Mountain Saxifrage, Purple (Alaskan Flower Essences)

Mountain Wormwood (Alaskan Flower Essence Project)

Mount Saint Helens (Ancient Forest Essences)

Move Freely (Findhorn)

Moving Forward/Release - A bridge between 3rd and 5th Dimensions (Angelic Essences)

Mugwort (Flower Essence Services/FES)

Mugwort Moon Magic (Flower Essence Services/FES oils)

Mulla Mulla (Australian Bush Flower Essences)

Mulla Mulla, Pink (Australian Bush Flower Essences)

Mullein (Flower Essence Services/FES)

Mullein (PHI Essences)

Muscovite (Pacific Essences)

Mussel (Pacific Essences)

Mustard (Bach)

Mustard (FES Research Essences)

Mustard (Healing Herbs)

Mustard (PHI Essences)

Mustard (Power of Flowers)

Naked (Jane Bell)

Naked Spray (Jane Bell)

Narcissus (Pacific Essences)

Nasturtium (Bailey Flower Essences)

Nasturtium (Flower Essence Services/FES)

Nasturtium (South African Flower Essences)

Nature Walk (Ancient Forest Essences)

Necklace of Beauty (Living Tree Orchids)

Nectarine (FES Research Essence)

Neptune (PHI Essences)

Nettle (PHI Essences)

Neutral Implant/Karma Clearing (Angelic Essences)

New Forest Beech (Ancient Forest Essences)

New Human: The Root Center (Angelic Essences)

New Life Blend (Power of Flowers)

New Vitality (Living Tree Orchids)

Next Level, The (Angelic Essences)

Nicotiana (Flower Essence Services/FES)

Nicotiana (South African Flower Essences)

Nicotiana, Green (FES - Range of Light)

Night Blooming Cereus (Jane Bell)

Night Soul (Living Tree Orchids)

Nirjara (Himalayan Flower Enhancers)

Nirjara 2 (Himalayan Flower Enhancers)

Noble Heart Cactus (PHI Essences)

Noni (FES Research Essences)

Noni (Jane Bell)

Nootka Lupine (Alaskan Flower Essence Project)

Nootka Rose (Power of Flowers)

Nootka Rose (Pacific Essences)

Northern Coral Root (Alaskan Flower Essence Project)

Northern Lady's Slipper (Alaskan Flower Essence Project)

Northern Lights (Alaskan Flower Essence Project)

Northern Twayblade (Alaskan Flower Essence Project)

Norway Maple (Bailey Flower Essences)

Norwegian Fjord Waterfall (Ancient Forest Essences)

Oak (Bach)

Oak (Bailey Flower Essences)

Oak (FES Research Essences)

Oak (Healing Herbs)

Oak (PHI Essences)

Oak (South African Flower Essences)

Oat, Wild (Bach)

Oat, Wild (FES - Research Essences)

Oat, Wild (Healing Herbs)

Oat, Wild (PHI Essences)

Obie One (Angelic Essences)

Objectivity (Healing Waters House Brand)

Obsession (Bailey Flower Essences)

Obsidian (Pasific Essences)

Obsidian (PHI Essences)

Obsidian Dome (Ancient Forest Essences)

Ocotillo (FES - Range of Light)

Old Man Banksia (Australian Bush Flower Essences)

Olive (Bach)

Olive (FES Research Essences)

Olive (Healing Herbs)

Olive (PHI Essences)

Olivine (PHI Essences)

OM (Angelic Essences)

One, The: Ak Mar Oni (Angelic Essences)

One-Sided Bottlebrush (Living Essences of Australia)

One-Sided Wintergreen (Alaskan Flower Essence Project)

Onion (FES Research Essences)

Onyx (Pacific Essences)

Oom Sha Wa: Co-Creation (Angelic Essences)

Opal (Alaskan Flower Essence Project)

Opal (Pacific Essences)

Opening - a bridge between 3rd and 5th Dimensions (Angelic Essences)

Opening Gateways (Angelic Essences)

Opening the Energy Channels (Angelic Essences)

Opening to/Embracing Earth Incarnation (Angelic Essences)

Opening to the Golden Energies/Lightbody Essences #1 (Angelic Essences)

Opening to the Greater Good (Angelic Essences)

Opening to Life (Angelic Essences)

Opium Poppy (Alaskan Flower Essence Project)

Opium Poppy (Himalayan Flower Enhancers)

Optimal Immunity (Pacific Essences)

Optimal Learning (Pacific Essences)

Orange (FES Research Essences)

Orange (South African Flower Essences)

Orange Blossom (SiNE, formerly Master's Flower Essences)

Orange Calcite (Alaskan Flower Essence Project)

Orange Honeysuckle (Pacific Essences)

Orange Leschenaultia (Living Essences of Australia)

Orange Lily (PHI Essences)

Orange Pincushion (South African Flower Essences)

Orange Spiked Pea (Living Essences of Australia)

Orange Watsonia (South African Flower Essences)

Orchid (Separate index of all orchid essences)

Oregon Grape (Flower Essence Services/FES)

Oreganum (South African Flower Essences)

Oriental Poppy (Bailey Flower Essences)

Oriental Poppy (Power of Flowers)

Osh It A Maat: The Beginning (Angelic Essences)

Oxalis (Bailey Flower Essences)

Oxalis (South African Flower Essences)

Ox-Eye Daisy (Pacific Essences)

Pain Cream (Living Essences of Australia)

Pain Spray (Living Essences of Australia)

Paintbrush, Yellow (Alaskan Flower Essences Project)

Painted Lady (South African Flower Essences)

Pale Corydalis (Alaskan Flower Essence Project)

Pale Sundew (Living Essences of Australia)

Palm, Coconut (Jane Bell)

Palm, Splendid (Jane Bell)

Pansy (FES Research Essences)

Pansy (Power of Flowers)

Pansy (South African Flower Essences)

Pansy, Wild (Findhorn)

Papaya (FES Research Essences)

Paper Birch (Alaskan Flower Essence Project)

Paradise Lily (PHI Essences)

Parakeelya (Living Essences of Australia)

Parasol (PHI Essences)

Parsley (South African Flower Essences)

Party Time! (Living Tree Orchids)

Passion Blend (Power of Flowers)

Passion & Purpose (Jane Bell)

Passion Flower (FES Research Essences)

Passion Flower (Power of Flowers)

Passion Flower (PHI Essences)

Past Life Orchid (PHI Essences)

Paw Paw (Australian Bush Flower Essences)

Peace - a bridge between the 3rd and 5th Dimentions (Angelic Essences)

Peace Beach (Jane Bell)

Peaceful Heart/Solid Center (Angelic Essences)

Peach (FES Research Essences)

Peach (South African Flower Essences)

Peach Blossom (SiNE, formerly Master's Flower Essences)

Peach-Flowered Tea Tree (Australian Bush Flower Essences)

Pear (FES Research Essences)

Pear Blossom (SiNE, formerly Master's Flower Essences)

Pear, Wild (South African Flower Essences)

Pearl (Alaskan Flower Essence Project)

Pearly Everlasting (Pacific Essences)

Pedicularis (FES - Range of Light)

Pelargonium (South African Flower Essences)

Pele: Goddess of Fire, Goddess of Creation (Angelic Essences)

Pennyroyal (FES Research Essences)

Pennyroyal (PHI Essences)

Pennyroyal, Mountain (Flower Essences Service/FES)

Penstemon (Flower Essence Services/FES)

Penstemon, Red (FES Range of Light)

Peony, California (FES Range of Light)

Pepper (PHI Essences)

Pepper, Green (South African Flower Essences)

Peppermint (Flower Essence Services/FES)

Pearl (Pacific Essences)

Pearl (PHI Essences)

Peridot (Alaskan Flower Essence Project)

Peridot (Pacific Essences)

Periwinkle (PHI Essences)

Periwinkle (Pacific Essences)

Periwinkle (South African Flower Essences)

Persephone (Pacific Essences)

Personal and Planetary Evolution / the Ascension Essence (Angelic Essences)

Personal Empowerment (Angelic Essences)

Pet Calm (Living Essences of Australia)

Petrified Bog (Ancient Forest Essences)

Petrified Elm (Ancient Forest Essences)

Petrified Forest (Ancient Forest Essences)

Petrified Giant Sequoia (Ancient Forest Essences)

Petrified Ginkgo (Ancient Forest Essences)

Petrified Hickory (Ancient Forest Essences)

Petrified Maple (Ancient Forest Essences)

Petrified Redwood (Ancient Forest Essences)

Petrified Sycamore (Ancient Forest Essences)

Petticoat Daffodil (PHI Essences)

Petunia (FES Research Essences)

Petunia (PHI Essences)

Petunia (South African Flower Essences)

Philotheca (Australian Bush Flower Essences)

Phlox (Power of Flowers)

Pincushion Hakea (Living Essences of Australia)

Pincushion, Yellow (South African Living Essences)

Pine (Bach)

Pine (FES Research Essences)

Pine (Healing Herbs)

Pine (PHI Essences)

Pine (Power of Flowers)

Pine (South African Flower Essences)

Pine Cones (Bailey Flower Essences)

Pineapple (SiNE, formerly Master's Flower Essences)

Pineapple Weed (Alaskan Flower Essence Project)

Pink Angel's Trumpet (FES Research Essences)

Pink Bell Heather (South African Flower Essences)

Pink Everlasting (Living Essences of Australia)

Pink Fairy Orchid (Living Essences of Australia)

Pink Flannel Flower (Australian Bush Flower Essences)

Pink Fountain Triggerplant (Living Essences of Australia)

Pink Impatiens (Living Essences of Australia)

Pink, Indian (Flower Essences Services/FES)

Pink Monkeyflower (Flower Essence Services/FES)

Pink Mulla Mulla (Australian Bush Flower Essences)

Pink Primula (Himalayan Flower Enhancers)

Pink-Purple Poppy (Alaskan Flower Essence Project)

Pink Purslane (Bailey Flower Essences)

Pink Quartz (Alaskan Flower Essence Project)

Pink, Sea (Findhorn)

Pink Seaweed (Pacific Essences)

Pink Trumpet Flower (Living Essences of Australia)

Pink Watsonia (South African Flower Essences)

Pink Yarrow (Flower Essence Services/FES)

Pink Yarrow (PHI Essences)

Pipsissewa (Pacific Essences)

Pisces Moon Essence (Himalayan Flower Enhancers)

Pisces Sun Essence (Himalayan Flower Enhancers)

Pitcher Plant, California (Flower Essences Service/FES)

Pixie Mops (Living Essences of Australia)

Plantain (FES Research Essences)

Plantain (Pacific Essences)

Platinum (PHI Essences)

Pleasure Full (Jane Bell)

Plum (South African Flower Essences)

Plumbago (South African Flower Essences)

Plumeria (Jane Bell)

Pluto (Himalayan Flower Enhancers)

Pluto (PHI Essences)

Poinsettia (PHI Essences)

Poison Hemlock (Pacific Essences)

Poison Oak (Flower Essence Services/FES)

Polar Ice (Alaskan Flower Essence Project)

Pollen, Blueberry (Alaskan Flower Essences Project)

Pollen, Cattail (Alaskan Flower Essences Project)

Pollen, Sitka Spruce (Alaskan Flower Essences Project)

Polyanthus (Pacific Essences)

Pomegranate (Flower Essence Services/FES)

Pomegranate (Power of Flowers)

Pomegranate (South African Flower Essences)

Pompom Tree (South African Flower Essences)

Pond Lily, White (Jane Bell)

Pond Lily, Yellow (Pacific Essences)

Poplar (Pacific Essences)

Poppy, California (Flower Essences Project/FES)

Poppy, California (Power of Flowers)

Poppy, Combination (Alaskan Flower Essence Project)

Poppy, Himalayan Blue (Bailey Flower Essences)

Poppy, Icelandic (Alaskan Flower Essence Project)

Poppy, Opium (Alaskan Flower Essence Project)

Poppy, Opium (Himalayan Flower Enhancers)

Poppy, Oriental (Bailey Flower Essences)

Poppy, Oriental (Power of Flowers)

Poppy, Pink-Purple (Alaskan Flower Essences Project)

Poppy, Purple (Alaskan Flower Essence Project)

Poppy, Red (Bailey Flower Essences)

Poppy, Red-Purple (Alaskan Flower Essence Project)

Poppy, Welsh (Bailey Flower Essences)

Portage Glacier (Alaskan Flower Essence Project)

Portuguese Man-of-War (PHI Essences)

Positive Flow (Living Tree Orchids)

Positive Outcome (Living Tree Orchids)

Positivity (Living Essences of Australia)

Post-Trauma Stabilizer (FES - Flourish)

Pot-Marigold (PHI Essences)

Potato (Alaskan Flower Essence Project)

Potato Bush, Wild (Australian Bush Flower Essences)

Pregnancy Support (Alaskan Flower Essence Project)

Pretty Face (Flower Essence Services/FES)

Prickly Pear Cactus (FES Research Essences)

Prickly Wild Rose (Alaskan Flower Essence Project)

Pride, Mountain (Flower Essences Service/FES)

Pride, Mountain (Power of Flowers)

Pimpernel, Blue (Bailey Flower Essences)

Primrose (PHI Essences)

Primula, Pink (Himalayan Flower Essences)

Prosperity (Findhorn)

Prosperity Spray (Findhorn)

Protection (Angelic Essences)

Protection and Clearing (Bailey Flower Essences)

Protection and Clearing (Bailey Flower Essences)

Protection Energy Balancer (PHI Essences)

Protective Presence (Living Tree Orchids)

Provence Rose (PHI Essences)

Psyche Orchid (PHI Essences)

Psychic Protection (Findhorn)

Psychic Protection Spray (Findhorn)

Pua Kenikeni (Jane Bell)

Purification (Alaskan Flower Essence Project)

Purification (Angelic Essences)

Purification Energy Balancer (PHI Essences)

Purifying (Australian Bush Flower Essences)

Purity of Heart (Living Tree Orchids)

Purity of Soul (Living Tree Orchids)

Purple & Red Kangaroo Paw (Living Essences of Australia)

Purple Crocus (Pacific Essences)

Purple Crocus (Power of Flowers)

Purple Enamel Orchid (Living Essences of Australia)

Purple Eremophila (Living Essences of Australia)

Purple Flag Flower (Living Essences of Australia)

Purple Magnolia (Pacific Essences)

Purple Monkeyflower (Flower Essence Services/FES)

Purple Mountain Saxifrage (Alaskan Flower Essence Project)

Purple Nymph Water Lily (Living Essences of Australia)

Purple Orchid (Himalayan Flower Enhancers)

Purple Poppy (Alaskan Flower Essence Project)

Purple Water Lily (Power of Flowers)

Purpose & Destiny (Power of Flowers)

Purslane, Pink (Bailey Flower Essences)

Pushing Back the Night (Living Tree Orchids)

Pussy Paws (FES - Range of Light)

Pyrite (Alaskan Flower Essence Project)

Quaking Grass (Flower Essence Services/FES)

Quan Yin / Kwan Yin Essence (Angelic Essences)

Quartz, Brazilian (Alaskan Flower Essence Project)

Quartz Crystal (Pacific Essences)

Quartz, Pink (Alaskan Flower Essences Project)

Quartz, Red (Alaskan Flower Essences Project)

Quartz, Rose (Alaskan Flower Essence Project)

Quartz, Rose (Pacific Essences)

Quartz, Rose (PHI Essences)

Quartz, Rose/Smoky (Alaskan Flower Essence Project)

Quartz, Rutilated (Alaskan Flower Essence Project)

Quartz, Rutilated (PHI Essences)

Quartz, Smoky (Alaskan Flower Essence Project)

Quartz, Smoky (Pacific Essences)

Quartz, Smoky (PHI Essences)

Quartz, Smoky/Green Tourmaline (Alaskan Flower Essence Project)

Quartz, Tourmalated (Alaskan Flower Essence Project)

Queen Anne's Lace (Flower Essence Services/FES)

Queen of Denmark Rose (PHI Essences)

Queen of the Night (Power of Flowers)

Queen of the Night Cactus (PHI Essences)

Quince (Flower Essence Services/FES)

Rabbitbrush (Flower Essence Services/FES)

Rabbit Orchid (Living Essences of Australia)

Radha (Pacific Essences)

Radiance Blend (Power of Flowers)

Radiant Beauty (Pacific Essences)

Radiant Self Blend (Power of Flowers)

Radiation Protection Cactus (PHI Essences)

Ragged Robin (Findhorn)

Ragwort (Bailey Flower Essences)

Rainbow Glacier (Alaskan Flower Essence Project)

Rainbow Kelp (Pacific Essences)

Rainbow Shower Tree (Jane Bell)

Rapa-Nui (Himalayan Flower Enhancers)

Raphael, Archangel (Angelic Essences)

Raspberry (SiNE, formerly Master's Flower Essences)

Raspberry Rutile (Alaskan Flower Essence Project)

Receptivity (Healing Waters House Brand)

Red & Green Kangaroo Paw (Living Essences of Australia)

Red Beak Orchid (Living Essences of Australia)

Red Camellia (South African Flower Essences)

Red Chestnut (Bach)

Red Chestnut (Healing Herbs)

Red Chestnut (PHI Essences)

Red Clover (Bailey Flower Essences)

Red Clover (Flower Essence Services/FES)

Red Clover (PHI Essences)

Red Elder (Alaskan Flower Essence Project)

Red Erica (South African Flower Essences)

Red Feather Flower (Living Essences of Australia)

Red Frangipani (Bailey Flower Essences)

Red Garnet (Pacific Essences)

Red Grevillea (Australian Bush Flower Essences)

Red Helmet Orchid (Australian Bush Flower Essences)

Red Hot Poker (South African Flower Essences)

Red Huckleberry (Pacific Essences)

Red iFulva Baylou Iris (Power of Flowers)

Red Jasper (PHI Essences)

Red Larkspur (FES - Range of Light)

Red Leschenaultia (Living Essences of Australia)

Red Lily (Australian Bush Flower Essences)

Red Penstemon (FES - Range of Light)

Red Poppy (Bailey Flower Essences)

Red-Purple Poppy (Alaskan Flower Essence Project)

Red Quartz (Alaskan Flower Essence Project)

Red Suva Frangipani (Australian Bush Flower Essences)

Redbud (FES - Range of Light)

Redemption Dream (Living Tree Orchids)

Redwood (Ancient Forest Essences)

Redwood (FES - Range of Light)

Reed Triggerplant (Living Essences of Australia)

Refuge (Angelic Essences)

Regeneration Energy Balancer (PHI Essences)

Reindeer Lichen (Findhorn)

Reindeer Moss (Alaskan Flower Essence Project)

Rejuvenation (Angelic Essences)

Relationship (Australian Bush Flower Essences)

Relaxation (Living Essences of Australia)

Release (Angelic Essences)

Release Cactus (PHI Essences)

Releasing Karmic Patterns (Living Tree Orchids)

Releasing Resentment (Angelic Essences)

Renaissance (Himalayan Flower Enhancers)

Renewing Life (Living Tree Orchids)

Replenish (Jane Bell)

Replenish Spray (Jane Bell)

Rescue Remedy (Bach)

Re-Union (Angelic Essences)

Revelation (Findhorn)

Revelation (Living Tree Orchids)

Reviewing (Angelic Essences)

Revitalise (Living Tree Orchids)

Rhodochrosite (Alaskan Flower Essence Project)

Rhodochrosite (Pacific Essences)

Rhododendron (Bailey Flower Essences)

Rhododendron (South African Flower Essences)

Rhodolite Garnet (Alaskan Flower Essence Project)

Rhodonite (Pacific Essences)

Rhubarb, Wild (Alaskan Flower Essences Project)

Ribbon Pea (Living Essences of Australia)

Rising to the Call of Beauty (Living Tree Orchids)

River Beauty (Alaskan Flower Essence Project)

Rock Crystal (PHI Essences)

Rock Primula (Himalayan Flower Enhancers)

Rock Rose (Bach)

Rock Rose (Healing Herbs)

Rock Rose (PHI Essences)

Rock Spring (Alaskan Flower Essence Project)

Rock Water (Bach)

Rock Water (FES Research Essences)

Rock Water (Healing Herbs)

Rock Water (PHI Essences)

Roella (South African Flower Essences)

Rose (Separate index of all Roses essences)

Rose Beauty Cream (Findhorn)

Rose Campion (FES Research Essences)

Rose Quartz (Alaskan Flower Essence Project)

Rose Quartz (Pacific Essences)

Rose Quartz (PHI Essences)

Rose/Smoky Quartz (Alaskan Flower Essence Project)

Rose Tourmaline (PHI Essences)

Rose Water Lily (Findhorn)

Rosebay Willowherb (Bailey Flower Essences)

Rosemary (Flower Essence Services/FES)

Rosemary (PHI Essences)

Rosemary (South African Flower Essences)

Rough Bluebell (Australian Bush Flower Essences)

Round Headed Leek (Bailey Flower Essences)

Round-Leaf Orchid (Alaskan Flower Essence Project)

Round-Leaved Sundew (Alaskan Flower Essence Project)

Rowan (Findhorn)

Royal Poinciana (Jane Bell)

RQ5 (PHI Essences)

RQ7 (PHI Essences)

RQ7 Emergency Spray (PHI Essences)

RQ7 Rescue Cream (PHI Essences)

Rubellite (Pacific Essences)

Ruby (Alaskan Flower Essence Project)

Ruby (Pacific Essences)

Ruby (PHI Essences)

Ruby, Star (Alaskan Flower Essence Project)

Rue (FES - Range of Light)

Rutilated Quartz (Alaskan Flower Essence Project)

Rutilated Quartz (PHI Essences)

Rutile (Pacific Essences)

Sa Ru Iba: Wholeness - within and without (Angelic Essences)

Sacral Regulator (Living Tree Orchids)

Sacral Release (Living Tree Orchids)

Sacred Datura (FES Research Essences)

Sacred Heart (FES - Flourish)

Sacred Icon (Ancient Forest Essences)

Sacred Lotus (Bailey Flower Essences)

Sacred Quest (Jane Bell)

Sacred Space Spray (Findhorn)

Sacred Union (Angelic Essences)

Sacred Yew (Ancient Forest Essences)

Sadness and Loneliness (Bailey Flower Essences)

Sage (Flower Essence Services/FES)

Sage (PHI Essences)

Sagebrush (Flower Essence Services/FES)

Sagebrush (Power of Flowers)

Sage, Wild (South African Flower Essences)

Sagittarius Moon Essence (Himalayan Flower Enhancers)

Sagittarius Sun Essence (Himalayan Flower Enhancers)

Saguaro (Flower Essence Services/FES)

Saguaro Cactus (Power of Flowers)

Saint John's Shield (Flower Essence Services/FES oils)

Saint John's Wort (Flower Essence Services/FES)

Saint John's Wort (PHI Essences)

Salal (Pacific Essences)

Salmonberry (Pacific Essences)

Sanctuary Spray (Findhorn)

Sand Dollar (Pacific Essences)

Sapphire (Alaskan Flower Essence Project)

Sapphire (Pacific Essences)

Sapphire, Blue (PHI Essences)

Sapphire/Ruby (Alaskan Flower Essence Project)

Sara von Fleet Rose (PHI Essences)

Sat-Chit-Ananda (Himalayan Flower Enhancers)

Saturn (PHI Essences)

Sausage Tree (South African Flower Essences)

Scabious (Bailey Flower Essences)

Scarlet Frittilary (FES - Range of Light)

Scarlet Monkeyflower (Flower Essence Services/FES)

Scarlet Pimpernel (Bailey Flower Essences)

Scarlet Pimpermel (FES Research Essences)

Scarlet Pimpernel (PHI Essences)

Scepter Amethyst (Alaskan Flower Essence Project)

Scilla verna [Spring Squill] (Bailey Flower Essences)

Scilla (South African Flower Essences)

Scleranthus (Bach)

Scleranthus (FES Research Essences)

Scleranthus (Healing Herbs)

Scleranthus (PHI Essences)

Scorpio Moon Essence (Himalayan Flower Enhancers)

Scorpio Sun Essence (Himalayan Flower Enhancers)

Scotch Broom (Flower Essence Services/FES)

Scots Pine (Findhorn)

Scottish Primrose (Findhorn)

Sea Anemone (PHI Essences)

Sea Campion (Bailey Flower Essences)

Sea Holly (Findhorn)

Sea Horse (Pacific Essences)

Sea Lettuce (Pacific Essences)

Sea Palm (Pacific Essences)

Sea Pink (Findhorn)

Sea Rocket (Findhorn)

Sea Snail (PHI Essences)

Sea Turtle (Angelic Essences)

Sea Turtle (Jane Bell)

Sea Turtle (Pacific Essences)

Sea Urchin (PHI Essences)

Seasonal Affections (Findhorn)

Seaweed, Pink (Pacific Essences)

Secret Wisdom (Living Tree Orchids)

Selenite (Pacific Essences)

Self Esteem (Bailey Flower Essences)

Self Esteem Cactus (PHI Essences)

Self-Heal (Alaskan Flower Essence Project)

Self-Heal (Flower Essence Services/FES)

Self-Heal (PHI Essences)

Self-Heal Cream (PHI Essences)

Senecio (South African Flower Essences)

Sequoia (FES Research Essences)

Serendipity (Living Tree Orchids)

Serene Overview [Devata] (Living Tree Orchids)

Serene Power (Living Tree Orchids)

Serenity for Women Mist (Living Essences of Australia)

Serpentine (Pacific Essences)

Settling with a Smile (Living Tree Orchids)

Sexual Integrity (Findhorn)

Sexuality (Australian Bush Flower Essences)

Shadow Cactus (PHI Essences)

Shadow Defense (Living Tree Orchids)

Shadow Facing (Living Tree Orchids)

Shadow Warrior (Living Tree Orchids)

Shakti (Pacific Essences)

Shamanic Extraction (Angelic Essences)

Shame Free (Angelic Essences)

Shasta Daisy (Flower Essence Services/FES)

Shasta Daisy (South African Flower Essences)

Shasta Lily (FES - Range of Light)

She Oak (Australian Bush Flower Essences)

Sheeps Sorrel (Bailey Flower Essences)

Shiva's Crown (Living Tree Orchids)

Shiva's Trident (Living Tree Orchids)

Shock and Trauma (Bailey Flower Essences)

Shooting Star (Alaskan Flower Essence Project)

Shooting Star (Flower Essence Services/FES)

Shooting Star (Power of Flowers)

Shy Blue Orchid (Living Essences of Australia)

Siberian Spruce (Bailey Flower Essences)

Sierra Iris (FES Research Essences)

Sierra Primrose (FES - Range of Light)

Silica (Pacific Essences)

Silver (Alaskan Flower Essence Project)

Silver (PHI Essences)

Silver Birch (Pacific Essences)

Silver Ghost (Living Tree Orchids)

Silver Princess (Australian Bush Flower Essences)

Silver Princess (Living Essences of Australia)

Silverleaf (South African Flower Essences)

Silversword (Power of Flowers)

Silverweed (Findhorn)

Single Delight (Alaskan Flower Essence Project)

Single Snowdrop (Bailey Flower Essences)

Sita (Pacific Essences)

Sitka Burnet (Alaskan Flower Essence Project)

Sitka Spruce Pollen (Alaskan Flower Essence Project)

Sleep of Peace (Living Tree Orchids)

Slender Rice Flower (Australian Bush Flower Essences)

Slime Fish (PHI Essences)

Slippery Jack (PHI Essences)

Smoky Quartz (Alaskan Flower Essence Project)

Smoky Quartz (Pacific Essences)

Smoky Quartz (PHI Essences)

Snakebush (Living Essences of Australia)

Snakevine (Living Essences of Australia)

Snapdragon (Flower Essence Services/FES)

Snapdragon (PHI Essences)

Snapdragon (Power of Flowers)

Snapdragon (South African Flower Essences)

Sneezease Spray (Living Essences of Australia)

Snowberry (Pacific Essences)

Snowdrop (Findhorn)

Snowdrop, Single (Bailey Flower Essences)

Snowdrop (Pacific Essences)

Soapberry (Alaskan Flower Essence Project)

Soapwort (Bailey Flower Essences)

Sober Up (Himalayan Flower Enhancers)

Solar Eclipse (Alaskan Flower Essence Project)

Solaris (Australian Bush Flower Essences)

Solid Center/Peaceful Heart (Angelic Essences)

Solomons Seal (Bailey Flower Essences)

Solstice Sun (Alaskan Flower Essence Project)

Solus (Living Tree Orchids)

Something Will Happen (Healing Waters House Brand)

Sonderina (South African Flower Essences)

Song of the Source (Angelic Essences)

Songline (Living Tree Orchids)

Sonne: Sun (PHI Essences)

Sophie's Rose (Power of Flowers)

Sorcerer's Apprentice (Living Tree Orchids)

Sorrel (PHI Essences)

Soul-Light (Angelic Essences)

Soul Shield+ (Living Tree Orchids)

Soul Support (Alaskan Flower Essence Project)

Soul Support (Angelic Essences)

Soul's Grief Release (Living Tree Orchids)

Sour Fig (South African Flower Essences)

Source of Life (Living Tree Orchids)

Southern Cross (Australian Bush Flower Essences)

Southern Cross (Living Essences of Australia)

Souvenir de Philemon Cochet Rose (PHI Essences)

Space Clearing Mist (Australian Bush Flower Essences)

Spectrolite (Alaskan Flower Essence Project)

Speedwell (Bailey Flower Essences)

Sphagnum Moss (Alaskan Flower Essence Project)

Spice Bush (FES Research Essences)

Spinach (SiNE, formerly Master's Flower Essences)

Spinifex (Australian Bush Flower Essences)

Spinner Dolphin (Angelic Essences)

Spiraea (Alaskan Flower Essence Project)

Spirit Faces [Banjine] (Living Essences of Australia)

Spirit of Life (Living Tree Orchids)

Spirit of Pan (Ancient Forest Essences)

Spirit of the Higher Heart (Living Tree Orchids)

Spiritual Emergence Formula (Angelic Essences)

Spiritual Leadership (Flower Essence Services/FES)

Spiritual Marriage (Findhorn)

Splendid Mariposa Lily (FES - Range of Light)

Splendid Palm (Jane Bell)

Spotted Orchid (Bailey Flower Essences)

Spotted Orchid (Findhorn)

Spreading Phlox (FES - Range of Light)

Spring Gold Rose (PHI Essences)

Spring Squill (Bailey Flower Essences)

Spruce, White (Alaskan Flower Essences Project)

Spur Flower (South African Flower Essences)

Squash [Zucchini] (FES Research Essences)

Squash (South African Flower Essences)

"Staghorn" Algae (Pacific Essences)

Starfish (Pacific Essences)

Starfish (PHI Essences)

Starflower (Alaskan Flower Essence Project)

Star of Bethlehem (Bach)

Star of Bethlehem (Bailey Flower Essences)

Star of Bethlehem (FES Research Essences)

Star of Bethlehem (Healing Herbs)

Star of Bethlehem (Living Essences of Australia)

Star of Bethlehem (PHI Essences)

Starlight Essence (Angelic Essences)

Star Gentian (Alaskan Flower Essence Project)

Star Jasmine (FES Research Essences)

Star Ruby (Alaskan Flower Essence Project)

Star Sapphire (Alaskan Flower Essence Project)

Star Thistle (Flower Essence Services/FES)

Star Tulip (Flower Essence Services/FES)

Star Tulip, Yellow (Flower Essences Services/FES)

Starts Spider Orchid (Living Essences of Australia)

Sticky Geranium (Alaskan Flower Essence Project)

Sticky Monkeyflower (Flower Essence Services/FES)

Stimulation (Angelic Essences)

Stinging Nettle (Alaskan Flower Essence Project)

Stinging Nettle (FES Research Essences)

St John's Wort (Flower Essence Services/FES)

Stone Circle (Alaskan Flower Essence Project)

Stonecrop (Findhorn)

Strawberry (FES Research Essences)

Strawberry (SiNE, formerly Master's Flower Essences)

Strelitzia (South African Flower Essences)

Strength (Himalayan Flower Enhancers)

Strengthening Connection to the Divine (Angelic Essences)

Stress Energy Balancer (PHI Essences)

Stuck in a Rut (Bailey Flower Essences)

Sturt Desert Pea (Australian Bush Flower Essences)

Sturt Desert Rose (Australian Bush Flower Essences)

Sugalite (Alaskan Flower Essence Project)

Sugar Bush Protea (South African Flower Essences)

Sugelite (Pacific Essences)

Sugalite, Blue (PHI Essences)

Sulphur (Pacific Essences)

Sulphur Flower (FES Research Essences)

Sumach (Bailey Flower Essences)

Summer Cep (PHI Essences)

Sun: Sonne (PHI Essences)

Sun Cup (FES Research Essences)

Sun Orchid (PHI Essences)

Sun Rose (PHI Essences)

Sun Stone (PHI Essences)

Sunbonnet (South African Flower Essences)

Sundew (Australian Bush Flower Essences)

Sundew (PHI Essences)

Sunflower (Alaskan Flower Essence Project)

Sunflower (Flower Essence Services/FES)

Sunflower (Power of Flowers)

Sunflower (PHI Essences)

Sunflower (South African Flower Essences)

Sunrise (Jane Bell)

Sunshine Wattle (Australian Bush Flower Essences)

Super Vitality (Pacific Essences)

Surfgrass (Pacific Essences)

Suring (South African Flower Essences)

Suva Frangipani, Red (Australian Bush Flower Essences)

Swan River Myrtle (Living Essences of Australia)

Sweet Alyssum (FES Research Essences)

Sweet Chestnut (Bach)

Sweet Chestnut (Healing Herbs)

Sweet Chestnut (PHI Essences)

Sweet Dreams (Findhorn)

Sweetgale (Alaskan Flower Essence Project)

Sweetgrass (Alaskan Flower Essence Project)

Sweetness (Angelic Essences)

Sweet Pea (Flower Essence Services/FES)

Sweet Pea (Power of Flowers)

Sweet Pea (South African Flower Essences)

Sweet Pea, Wild (Alaskan Flower Essences Project)

Swiss Cheese Plant (PHI Essences)

Swiss Glacier (Ancient Forest Essences)

Sycamore (Findhorn)

Sydney Rose (Australian Bush Flower Essences)

Sympathetic (Living Tree Orchids)

Sympathetic (P) (Living Tree Orchids)

T1 (PHI Essences)

Tall Mountain Larkspur (FES - Range of Light)

Tall Mulla Mulla (Australian Bush Flower Essences)

Tall Yellow Top (Australian Bush Flower Essences)

Tamarack (Alaskan Flower Essence Project)

Tansy (Flower Essence Services/FES)

Taurus Moon Essence (Himalayan Flower Enhancers)

Taurus Sun Essence (Himalayan Flower Enhancers)

Teens (Findhorn)

Teide Volcano Essence (PHI Essences)

Telepathy (Angelic Essences)

Temple of Light (Living Tree Orchids)

Temple of Light 5 (Living Tree Orchids)

Tenacity (Healing Waters House Brand)

The ALL THAT IS (Angelic Essences)

The Beginning: Osh It A Maat (Angelic Essences)

The Bridge between 3rd and 5th Dimensions (Angelic Essences)

The Crowning Glory: Il An So Ma (Angelic Essences)

The Essence of Creation: Al Siba Ru (Angelic Essences)

The Golden Crown/Lightbody Essence #3 (Angelic Essences)

The Golden Light/Lightbody Essence #2 (Angelic Essences)

The Lemurian Sea: Chi Mu (Angelic Essences)

The One: Ak Mar Oni (Angelic Essences)

Thistle (Findhorn)

Thoracic Alignment (Living Tree Orchids)

Thrift (Bailey Flower Essences)

Thyme (FES Research Essences)

Thyme (South African Flower Essences)

Ti Plant (FES Research Essences)

Tiare Gardenia (Jane Bell)

Tidal Forces (Alaskan Flower Essence Project)

Tibetan Rock Rose (PHI Essences)

Tiger Lily (Flower Essence Services/FES)

Tiger Lily (South African Flower Essences)

Tiger's Eye (Alaskan Flower Essence Project)

Tiger's Eye (Pacific Essences)

Tiger's Eye (PHI Essences)

Time Peace (Angelic Essences)

Timeless Presence (Jane Bell)

Timelessness (Jane Bell)

To Remember (Angelic Essences)

Tomato (SiNE, formerly Master's Flower Essences)

Tomato (South African Flower Essences)

Topaz (Alaskan Flower Essence Project)

Topaz (Pacific Essences)

Topaz (PHI Essences)

Topaz, Blue (PHI Essences)

Totem (Living Tree Orchids)

Touch-Me-Not (PHI Essences)

Touch Me Not (South African Flower Essences)

Tourmalated Quartz (Alaskan Flower Essence Project)

Tourmaline (Pacific Essences)

Tourmaline, Black (Alaskan Flower Essence Project)

Tourmaline, Black (PHI Essences)

Tourmaline, Blue (PHI Essences)

Tourmaline, Green (Alaskan Flower Essence Project)

Tourmaline, Green (Pacific Essences)

Tourmaline, Green/Smoky Quartz (Alaskan Flower Essence Project)

Tourmaline, Rose (PHI Essences)

Tourmaline, Watermelon (Alaskan Flower Essence Project)

Tourmaline, Watermelon (PHI Essences)

Tourmaline/Smoke Quartz, Green (Alaskan Flower Essence Project)

Transition (Australian Bush Flower Essences)

Transition (Bailey Flower Essences)

Transitions (Angelic Essences)

Tranquillity (Bailey Flower Essences)

Transformation (Findhorn)

Travel (Australian Bush Flower Essences)

Travel Ease (Alaskan Flower Essence Project)

Traveling St. John's Wort (Bailey Flower Essences)

Trillium (Flower Essence Services/FES)

Trillium (Power of Flowers)

True Beauty (Living Tree Orchids)

True Connections (Living Tree Orchids)

Trumpet Flower, Pink (Living Essences of Australia)

Trumpet Funnel Cap (PHI Essences)

Trumpet Vine (Flower Essence Services/FES)

Trust (Angelic Essences)

Trust (Himalayan Flower Enhancers)

Truth (Angelic Essences)

Tufted Vetch (Bailey Flower Essences)

Tulip Magnolia (South African Flower Essences)

Tulip, Star (Flower Essence Services/FES)

Tulip, Yellow Star Tulip (Flower Essence Services/FES)

Tundra Rose (Alaskan Flower Essence Project)

Tundra Twayblade (Alaskan Flower Essence Project)

Turkey Bush (Australian Bush Flower Essences)

Turk's Cap Lily (PHI Essences)

Turquoise (Alaskan Flower Essence Project)

Turquoise (Pacific Essences)

Twayblade, Northern (Alaskan Flower Essences Project)

Twelve Gems (Pacific Essences)

Twin Douglas Fir (Ancient Forest Essences)

Twinflower (Alaskan Flower Essence Project)

Twinflower (Pacific Essences)

Typhoon (Alaskan Flower Essence Project)

Umsipane (South African Flower Essences)

Unakite (Pacific Essences)

Unconditional Forgiveness (Angelic Essences)

Unconditional Love (Living Tree Orchids)

Unconditional Snuggles (Living Tree Orchids)

Unicorn (Invincible Focus) (Living Tree Orchids)

Unification (Bailey Flower Essences)

Unveling Affection (Living Tree Orchids)

Uranus (PHI Essences)

Urchin (Pacific Essences)

Urchin Dryandra (Living Essences of Australia)

Uriel, Archangel (Angelic Essences)

Ursinia (Living Essences of Australia)

Valerian (Alaskan Flower Essence Project)

Valerian (Bailey Flower Essences)

Valerian [Pink-Mauve] (FES Research Essences)

Valerian [White] (FES Research Essences)

Valerian (Findhorn)

Valerian (PHI Essences)

Valerian, California (FES Range of Light)

Valley, Lily of the (Bailey Flower Essences)

Valley, Lily of the (Pacific Essences)

Vanadinite (Alaskan Flower Essence Project)

Vanilla Leaf (Pacific Essences)

Veil of Dreams (Himalayan Flower Enhancers)

Veil of Light (Jane Bell)

Veil of Light Spray (Jane Bell)

Velvet Shank (PHI Essences)

Venus (PHI Essences)

Venus Activation Blend (Power of Flowers)

Venus Flytrap (PHI Essences)

Venus Orchid (PHI Essences)

Venus Orchid Cream (PHI Essences)

Veronica (Living Essences of Australia)

Vervain (Bach)

Vervain (Healing Herbs)

Vervain (PHI Essences)

Vesuv Lichen (PHI Essences)

Vesuvianite (Alaskan Flower Essence Project)

Viburnum (Pacific Essences)

Victoria Regia Orchid (PHI Essences)

Vine (Bach)

Vine (Healing Herbs)

Vine (PHI Essences)

Violacea Veritas (Living Tree Orchids)

Violet (Flower Essence Services/FES)

Violet (PHI Essences)

Violet (Power of Flowers)

Violet Butterfly (Living Essences of Australia)

Violet Sugalite (PHI Essences)

Violet, White (Alaskan Flower Essences Project)

Violet, Wild (Living Essences of Australia)

Viper's Bugloss (PHI Essences)

Virgo Moon Essence (Himalayan Flower Enhancers)

Virgo Sun Essence (Himalayan Flower Enhancers)

Vision Quest (Ancient Forest Essences)

Vital Core (Living Tree Orchids)

Vital Defense (Living Tree Orchids)

Vital Lift (Living Tree Orchids)

Vital Spark (Himalayan Flower Enhancers)

Voice Confidence (Findhorn)

Voice of Courage (Living Tree Orchids)

Volcanic Green Fire (Ancient Forest Essences)

VRIL Force (Angelic Essences)

Vygie (South African Flower Essences)

Waitsia, Golden (Living Essences of Australia)

Walking to the Earth's Rhythm (Living Tree Orchids)

Wall Flower (Power of Flowers)

Wallflower (FES Research Essences)

Wallflower (Pacific Essences)

Walnut (Bach)

Walnut (FES Research Essences)

Walnut (Healing Herbs)

Walnut (PHI Essences)

Waning Blue Moon (Ancient Forest Essences)

Waratah (Australian Bush Flower Essences)

Warratah (South African Flower Essences)

Warrior (Himalayan Flower Enhancers)

Water (Findhorn)

Water (Pacific Essences)

Water (White Light - Ian White)

Water Lily (FES Research Essences)

Water Lily (South African Flower Essences)

Water Lily, Purple (Power of Flowers)

Water Lily, Purple Nymph (Living Essences of Australia)

Water Lily, Rose (Findhorn)

Water Lily, White Nymph (Living Essences of Australia)

Water Violet (Bach)

Water Violet (Healing Herbs)

Water Violet (PHI Essences)

Watercress (Findhorn)

Watermelon (FES Research Essences)

Watermelon Tourmaline (Alaskan Flower Essence Project)

Watermelon Tourmaline (PHI Essences)

Watsonia, Pink (South African Flower Essences)

Wattle (Living Essences of Australia)

Wattle (South African Flower Essences)

Wavellite (Pacific Essences)

Wedding Bush (Australian Bush Flower Essences)

Weigela (Pacific Essences)

Welcome Home/The Light - a bridge between 3rd and 5th Dimensions (Angelic Essences)

Well Being (Himalayan Flower Enhancers)

Welsh Poppy (Bailey Flower Essences)

Wesak Blessing (Findhorn)

West Australian Smokebush (Living Essences of Australia)

Western Hound's Tongue (Ancient Forest Essences)

Western Redcedar (Ancient Forest Essences)

Whale (Jane Bell)

Whale (Pacific Essences)

Whale (PHI Essences)

White Beauty (Living Tree Orchids)

White Cherry (Bailey Flower Essences)

White Chestnut (Bach)

White Chestnut (Healing Herbs)

White Chestnut (PHI Essences)

White Clover (FES Research Essences)

White Dead Nettle (Bailey Flower Essences)

White Eremophila (Living Essences of Australia)

White Fireweed (Alaskan Flower Essence Project)

White Geranium (South African Flower Essences)

White-Leaved Rock Rose (PHI Essences)

White Lilac (Ancient Forest Essences)

White Lotus (Bailey Flower Essences)

White Lupine (Alaskan Flower Essence Project)

White Magnolia (Power of Flowers)

White Nymph Water Lily (Living Essences of Australia)

White Orchid (Himalayan Flower Enhancers)

White Pond Lily (Jane Bell)

White Rein Orchid (FES Research Essences)

White Rose (FES Research Essences)

White Spider Orchid (Living Essences of Australia)

White Spruce (Alaskan Flower Essence Project)

White Violet (Alaskan Flower Essence Project)

White Yarrow (PHI Essences)

Wholeness - within and without: Sa Ru Iba (Angelic Essences)

Wild Carrot (PHI Essences)

Wild Coffee (South African Flower Essences)

Wild Dagga (South African Flower Essences)

Wild Gardenia (South African Flower Essences

Wild Garlic (PHI Essences))

Wild Garlic (South African Flower Essences)

Wild Ginger (South African Flower Essences)

Wild Iris (Alaskan Flower Essence Project)

Wild Iris (South African Flower Essences)

Wild Jasmine (South African Flower Essences)

Wild Mallow (Bailey Flower Essences)

Wild Oat (Bach)

Wild Oat (FES Research Essences)

Wild Oat (Healing Herbs)

Wild Oat (PHI Essences)

Wild Pansy (Findhorn)

Wild Pear (South African Flower Essences)

Wild Potato Bush (Australian Bush Flower Essences)

Wild Rhubarb (Alaskan Flower Essence Project)

Wild Rose (Bach)

Wild Rose (Healing Herbs)

Wild Rose (PHI Essences, in Classic Set)

Wild Rose (PHI Essences, in Rose Set)

Wild Rose, California (Flower Essences Service/FES)

Wild Rose, Prickly (Alasken Flower Essences Project)

Wild Sage (South African Flower Essences)

Wild Sweet Pea (Alaskan Flower Essence Project)

Wild Violet (Living Essences of Australia)

Willow (Alaskan Flower Essence Project)

Willow (Bach)

Willow (FES Research Essences)

Willow (Healing Herbs)

Willow (PHI Essences)

Willowherb (FIndhorn)

Wind (Jane Bell)

Windflower (Pacific Essences)

Winged Gold (Living Tree Orchids)

Winged Messenger (Living Tree Orchids)

Winter in August (Alaskan Flower Essence Project)

Wintergreen (Findhorn)

Wisdom of Compassion (Living Tree Orchids)

Wisdom of Compassion with Gold (Living Tree Orchids)

Wise Man Elixir Blend (Power of Flowers)

Wise Woman Elixir Blend (Power of Flowers)

Wisteria (Australian Bush Flower Essences)

Wisteria (FES Research Essences)

Wisteria (South African Flower Essences)

Witch Hazel (Bailey Flower Essences)

Woman (Australian Bush Flower Essences)

Women Energy Balancer (PHI Essences)

Wood (Pacific Essences)

Wood Anemone (Bailey Flower Essences)

Woolly Banksia (Living Essences of Australia)

Woolly Smokebush (Living Essences of Australia)

World Service (Flower Essence Services/FES)

Wormwood, Mountain (Alaskan Flower Essences)

Yang (Bailey Flower Essences)

Yarrow (Alaskan Flower Essence Project)

Yarrow (Flower Essence Services/FES)

Yarrow (South African Flower Essences)

Yarrow Environmental Solution (Flower Essences Services/FES)

Yarrow, Golden (Flower Essences Services/FES)

Yarrow, Lavender (Alaskan Flower Essence Project)

Yarrow, Pink (Flower Essences Services/FES)

Yarrow, Pink (PHI Essences)

Yarrow Special Formula (now "YES") (Flower Essence Services/FES)

Yarrow, White (PHI Essences)

Yellow & Green Kangaroo Paw (Living Essences of Australia)

Yellow Boronia (Living Essences of Australia)

Yellow Coneflower (Living Essences of Australia)

Yellow Cowslip Orchid (Australian Bush Flower Essences)

Yellow Dryas (Alaskan Flower Essence Project)

Yellow Flag Flower (Living Essences of Australia)

Yellow Leschenaultia (Living Essences of Australia)

Yellow Paintbrush (Alaskan Flower Essence Project)

Yellow Pincushion (South African Flower Essences)

Yellow Pond Lily (Pacific Essences)

Yellow Star Tulip (Flower Essence Services/FES)

Yellowwood (South African Flower Essences)

Yerba Santa (Flower Essence Services/FES)

Yew (Bailey Flower Essences)

Yin (Bailey Flower Essences)

Yin Yang Balancer (Bailey Flower Essences)

Yoga Blend (Power of Flowers)

Yorkshire Fog (Bailey Flower Essences)

You Go, Girl! (Power of Flowers)

Yucca (FES Research Essences)

Yucca (South African Flower Essences)

Zimbabwe Creeper (South African Flower Essences)

Zinnia (Flower Essence Services/FES)

Zinnia (Power of Flowers)

Zinnia (PHI Essences)

Zinnia (South African Flower Essences)

Zircon (PHI Essences)

Zucchini [Squash] (FES Research Essences)


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