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Flower Essences for Animals:
Remedies for Helping the Pets You Love

by Lila Devi, founder of SiNE/Master's Flower Essences

About the Book

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($14.95 softcover)  Flower Essences for Animals presents a bird's eye view into the animal kingdom. It pays homage at the feet, paws, and hooves of our animal friends by offering a treasury of practical tools for enhancing the quality of their lives. Addressing specific conditions and behaviors, this book provides simple solutions for administering the best possible pet care in both daily life and emergency situations.

That pets are routinely relinquished and often euthanized, if not misunderstood—for completely correctable behavioral problems—indicates a serious need for a book of this nature. For the dog who barks incessantly; for the cat who soils and sprays; for the pet tortoise who is confused by a weather shift while preparing for hibernation: Flower Essences for Animals presents loving, sensitive solutions.

Animals—free from mental blocks, doubt, skepticism, placebo effects, and myriad mental interferences—respond even more readily than people to flower essences: herbal tinctures for strength and balance. The Master's Flower Essences are the second oldest essence line in the world today. Developed in 1977 by the author, they are a completely safe, nontoxic, and gentle yet powerful holistic therapy. .

In the concluding chapter of Flower Essences for Animals, Lila Devi (Stone) writes: "Those who share with me their flower essence stories about their pets do so with animation, excitement, and enthusiasm. It is never 'just a cat' or 'only a dog' whose story they are recounting. It is a beloved, respected life companion. Flower Essences for Animals is not a book to convince you that animals deserve better care. Its purpose is to give you, a loving pet owner, the very tools with which to do it." Lila's compassionate glimpse into the animal kingdom is a reminder that pets can bring us many years of happiness; and that we, through our loving service, can return the favor.

Try the simple suggestions in these pages—and watch your pet respond!.

About the Author
Lila Devi has lived in California's Sierra Nevada foothills for the last 33 years amidst cats, goats, and deer—and an occasional bear, rattlesnake, and mountain lion. Founder and director of the Master's Flower Essences, she has lectured extensively both nationally and abroad. Lila received her Bachelor of Arts degree in English and psychology along with a secondary education teaching certificate from the University of Michigan.

Flower Essences Questionnaire

See also Flower Essences Questionnaire for Pet's Needs

Flower Essences Applications for Pets and Animals: Qualities, Behaviors, & Situations


Animals often respond even more quickly than people to flower essences, as countless pet testimonials worldwide have confirmed. These twenty remedies—prepared from fruit and vegetable blossoms—activate your pet's ability to live a more balanced life. Addressing specific behaviors and situations rather than treating physical symptoms, flower essences allow animals to return to their natural state of harmony. Given singly, results will be noticed within 3 days, and oftentimes immediately; combinations of 3 to 5 essences also work well.

Four times a day using any of the following methods is the recommended minimum, preferably not with meals (10 minutes before or 1 hour afterward); or every few minutes in emergency situations. Add 4 drops of Stock Concentrate to a fresh water bowl, or 16 Stock drops to a watering trough. In addition, you may apply several drops to your palm and rub them into your pet's fur, feathers or scales. Some animals like the essences rubbed on their gums, around their nostrils, behind their ears or on their paw pads. Four drops added to water in a misting bottle to spray bedding, stalls, kennels, cars or carriers is also effective. (To prepare a Dosage Bottle, add 2 Stock drops to a 1-oz. dark bottle, 1 T brandy, and spring water. Use as above, 4 drops at a time.) Store out of direct sunlight, heat, and humidity.

Please note: It is advisable for the pet owner to honestly assess if he is contributing to his pet's problem. For example, giving Grape Essence, for loneliness, to a neglected animal will not replace proper care from the owner. Also, flower essences do not replace proper veterinary treatment.


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Almond: Self-control; for better adjustment to domesticated life; animals who are nervous, who pace, over-groom themselves, or exhibit frenetic or obsessive behaviors .

Apple: Healthfulness; for a healthier attitude; for illness, accidents, surgery; picking up health-related fears, worry or doubt from the owner; pets with chronic health problems.

Avocado: Good memory; for pets to come home when called; for training; better focus, especially when distractions are present; alertness; non-responsive animals.

Banana: Humility; calmness; for overly emotional, agitated, or upset animals; for the bully in the household.

Blackberry: Purity; for animals who absorb their owner's negativity; exposure to harmful chemicals; for use in a misting bottle in areas that have been soiled or marked, or to cleanse the litter box area on a regular basis.

Cherry: Cheerfulness; for moods; grumpy or ornery behavior (Note: be sure to rule out possible medical causes); for previously abused animals.

Coconut: Upliftment; helps animals deal with chronic pain or physical infirmities; for transcending limitations; good for show animals.

Corn: Vitality; energy; restores a sense of adventure; for relocation; helpful during times of transition; good for older animals; for exhaustion.

Date: Sweetness, tenderness; animals who are crabby, irritable or irritating; for the pet who picks on other animals Fig: Flexibility; for animals who have been improperly or overly trained; pets who received mixed messages from their owners; animals who seem confused, fussy or whiny; for breaking existing bad habits.

Grape: Love; for animals who have been neglected, abandoned, abused or otherwise mistreated; loneliness, clinginess or aloofness; jealousy of other pets or humans, sometimes expressed as bullying, growling or spraying/soiling; feeling replaced; loss of a human or animal companion.

Lettuce: Calmness; for restless energy, poor attention span; good for younger animals; for pets who get wound up, especially with newcomers to the household; for anger.

Orange: Joy; loss of interest in life; listlessness; grieving the loss of a companion; suffering or emotional struggle; also for past abuse; pets with a history of multiple homes; adapting to life indoors; pets who have been declawed, debarked or otherwise unnaturally altered.

Peach: overly demonstrative animals; animals weaned too early; demanding pets; over-territorialism; for the mother whose young are taken away 

Pear: Emergency Essence; peacefulness; for any trauma or crisis; for the shock of accidents, illness, birthing or surgery; panic or disorientation; for animals nearing death; a "first-aid must."

Pineapple: Self-assuredness; insecurity, especially in multiple-animal households; for the runt of the litter; for show animals; pets raised in temporary homes; for previous poor training.

Raspberry: Kindheartedness; animals who hold grudges, sometimes species-related; for spraying or soiling, specifically if hurt feelings are suspected as the cause; difficulty integrating with newer animals in the home.

Spinach: Simplicity; for animals who act older than their years; for stress and pets living in stressful households; for strays; anxious or troubled animals; to restore playfulness.

Strawberry: Dignity; for grounding; self-worth issues imparted by the owner; animals nearing their own passing; stability; for lengthy or debilitating illness.

Tomato: for fear-based behavior, mild to overwhelming, of known or unknown origin; skittish or easily spooked animals; for terrifying experiences; coping with city life; fear-based barking; animals who attack out of fear.

Please note: Flower essences do not replace proper veterinary treatment.

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Flower Essences Questionnaire

Flower Essences Questionnaire for Pet's Needs.

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