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Questionnaire for People

(now known as Spirit-in-Nature Essences / SiNE)

This questionnaire is designed to help you assess the essences that are presently best suited to your needs. While an evaluation of this type is somewhat general by nature, many individuals have found it an extremely useful essence selection tool. You may find that several essences are indicated equally as strongly. If so, in keeping with the recommended single-essence approach, prioritize them in order of need, taking each essence for 3 days to 2 weeks; or you may take them in combination.

Answer the following questions fairly quickly; your “first hunch” will generally be the most accurate. Place a checkmark by those statements to which you respond with yes; leave blank those statements you feel do not apply to you or are not a particular area of concern at this time. An Answer Key will be found at the end of the questionnaire.

You may wish to date and save your responses and re-test yourself; monthly intervals are recommended. Also, you may find the questionnaire helpful in working with family, friends, and clients. We welcome your feedback on the overall helpfulness of this questionnaire.

See also Master's Flower Essences Questionnaire for Pet's Needs.

___ 1. Do you seek out, and long for, inner quietude?

___ 2. Do you wish you were good at clear communication and able to calmly express yourself?

___ 3. Are you emotionally excitable?

___ 4. Do you lack the qualities of inspiration and upliftment?

___ 5. Are you envious of people who face their challenges head-on, with perseverance and stamina?

___ 6. Would you consider yourself problem-oriented?

___ 7. Are you a pessimist by nature?

___ 8. Do you wish you were more even-minded?

___ 9. Are you prone to moods that seem to “take hold of you”?

___ 10. Is stress a major factor in your life?

___ 11. Are you still working on any unresolved issues from childhood, such as: unhappy memories;
             dysfunctional upbringing; growing up too soon; abuse of any kind?

___ 12. Do you wish that you were more playful by nature and able to enjoy a good game or joke?

___ 13. Are you more concerned about your own needs than those of others?

___ 14. Do you often find yourself drawing on the emotional resources of other people?

___ 15. Would you say that the more you give energy to others, the more you feel depleted?

___ 16. Do you wish that you were basically an energetic person, either physically, mentally, or both?

___ 17. Are you somewhat sluggish in your thoughts, words, or body movements?

___ 18. Are you presently in a time of transition, i.e., a new job, home, or relationship?

___ 19. Do you experience fear or anxiety on a fairly regular basis?

___ 20. Are you trying to overcome old habit patterns or addictions?

___ 21. Would you like to see yourself as a strong and courageous person?

___ 22. Do you wish that you had a stronger sense of your own identity?

___ 23. Are you the sort of person who compares yourself to others?

___ 24. Do you lack the financial abundance that you desire?

___ 25. Is backing out of an argument difficult for you?

___ 26. Do you prefer to take credit for your accomplishments rather than seeing yourself as the vehicle through which they happen?

___ 27. Do you tend to “butt heads” with authority figures?

___ 28. Are you a hard taskmaster on yourself?

___ 29. Would you say that you are rigid or inflexible in your views?

___ 30. Do you wish you had a sense of humor, or a better one?

___ 31. Are you easily overwhelmed?

___ 32. Is there a compulsive element to your nature, or are you often guided more by indulgences than moderation? (check yes for either statement)

___ 33. Do you often wish there were more hours in the day?

___ 34. Are you presently in a crisis situation or feel that you carry unresolved issues from past trauma? (check yes for either statement)

___ 35. Do you long for greater peace of mind?

___ 36. Are there any events from which you are still healing, such as illness, accidents, or surgeries?

___ 37. Do you feel that you need more of a sense of direction in your life?

___ 38. Are you forgetful?

___ 39. Do you lack a love of learning or an avid interest in expanding your knowledge? (check yes for either statement)

___ 40. Do concerns about health, either physical or emotional, often occupy your thoughts?

___ 41. Are you prone to illness?

___ 42. Do you worry a lot?

___ 43. Have you suffered any form of abuse in the distant or recent past?

___ 44. Do you tend toward depression?

___ 45. Would you like to be more hopeful and resilient by nature?

___ 46. Are your thoughts or feelings often clouded or confused?

___ 47. Do you tend to focus on the negative qualities of others rather than seeing their good side?

___ 48. Are there present conditions or past memories from which you would like to cleanse yourself, either physically or emotionally? (check yes for either statement)

___ 49. Do you feel a lack of sweetness in your life, and/or often crave sweet treats?

___ 50. Are you critical or judgmental of others?

___ 51. Do you get easily irritated?

___ 52. Are you lacking a strong sense of self-worth?

___ 53. Do you tend to see the less attractive side of the world around you?

___ 54. Are guilt or shame qualities that you often experience?

___ 55. Do you wish that you treated people more kindly?

___ 56. Do you tend to blame others, hold grudges, and/or lash out for no apparent reason?

___ 57. Do you wish that you were the kind of person who says to others, “I know how you feel”?

___ 58. Would you describe yourself as lonely or needy?

___ 59. Do you dislike yourself?

___ 60. Are you lacking the love in your life that you would like to have?

Answer Key

Count the number of checked statements for each of the following groupings. If 2 or more are marked, this indicates a beneficial essence for you at this time.

___ 1-3 Lettuce

___ 4-6 Coconut

___ 7-9 Cherry

___ 10-12 Spinach

___ 13-15 Peach

___ 16-18 Corn

___ 19-21 Tomato

___ 22-24 Pineapple

___ 25-27 Banana

___ 28-30 Fig

___ 31-33 Almond

___ 34-36 Pear

___ 37-39 Avocado

___ 40-42 Apple

___ 43-45 Orange

___ 46-48 Blackberry

___ 49-51 Date

___ 52-54 Strawberry

___ 55-57 Raspberry

___ 58-60 Grape

Recommended follow-up reading is The Essential Flower Essence Handbook by MFE founder/director Lila Devi. 

Copyright 2001 by Lila Devi; reprinted with permission.

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See also Master's Flower Essences Questionnaire for Pet's Needs.

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