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What We Carry

We can help you feel the way you want to!  To help you achieve your personal goals for well-being, we offer you the finest brands of essences from all around the world.


Flower Essences (shown with pink dot in list, sprays have blue dot)

Gem Elixirs (shown with amber dot in list)

Environment Essences (shown with green dot in list)

Massage Oils Hand-crafted, sun-extracted, and potentized with the corresponding flower essence, plus the aroma of essential oils -- these are the finest flower oils available and from FES, a trusted name in biodynamic products.

Empty Bottles Cobalt blue and amber bottles (dropper and spray) for administering custom blends you make yourself. NEW! Emerald green with childproof caps!

Books Nice selection of flower essence handbooks, most correlating with the brands we carry.

Free Questionnaires These were written by the makers of the brands shown so that you can choose more easily.

Photo / Affirmation Cards These are all the available card sets.      

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The symbols by each brand name listed below indicate the kinds of essences available.  Click on the name to access that brand's main page on the Healing Waters site and use links to each kind of product offered.

Key to Symbols:
gem elixirs
brand includes gem elixirs
environment essences
brand includes environment essences
brand includes essential oil / essence spritzers
flower essences
brand includes flower essences
channeled essences
brand includes vibrational / channeled essences
essences for animals
brand includes information or products specifically for using essences with animals

Alaskan Flower Essence Project•
Exceptional flower, gem and environmental essences made in the pristine wilderness of Alaska.

Ancient Forest Essences•
Specializing in essences of North American and European forests. 

Angelic Essences No backorders; limited to stock listed on page.
Ruth Joy's Angelic Essences, all alcohol-free.

Australian Bush Flower Essences
Handmade from exotic blossoms of Australia by Ian White. Mists and creams are here. NEW combinations for 2020 are Boost, Carers, and Men's.

Bach Flower Remedies
Original 38 flower remedies and Rescue Remedy combination of Dr. Bach.  We also offer you 1 oz dosage bottles of Bach flower remedies! See here for pricing.

Divine Presence Essences•
The newest line from Ian White (Australian Bush Flower Essences, White Light Essences, Light Frequency Essences are the others). So far there are Isis, Solar Logos, Gaia, and Rainbow.

Findhorn Flower Essences oils/spritzers
Findhorn Flower Essences are made using wildflowers from Scotland, and pure water collected from sacred healing wells. There are single flowers, combination drops and mists, spiritual essences, and the new Sacred items: Sacred Space, Sacred Earth, Sacred Energy, and Sacred Light.

Flower Essence Services (FES) oils/spritzers
Scientifically researched North American flower essences and related products. Quintessentials, Flourish combinations, Range of Light  (Even if not listed, we can supply all FES products. Just ask us for your favorite FES item!) Click here for Range of Light.

See also FES's FloraFusions Flower Oils and Flourish combinations and TerrAnoint Roll-ons

Healing Herbs
38 English essences plus combination remedy, made according to original specifications of Dr. Bach. We also offer you 1 oz dosage bottles of Healing Herbs essences! See here for pricing.

Healing Waters
There are 16 unique blends available with brandy or vanilla rum preservative, or with just water (no alcohol). These blends have been specifically formulated to fill what we perceive to be under-treated or complex issues. Each bottle label shows beautiful custom artwork that is almost healing in itself.
They are 1 oz and stock level and come with dropper tops but you can ask for a free spray top if you prefer. Go see!

Himalayan Flower Enhancersflower essences
These stimulate and provoke wholeness. They are not remedies for something that is wrong, rather their work is to enhance what is right. Made by Tanmaya from Australia. Companion lines available as Special Order only are the AstroEssences and Tasmanian Wilderness Essences.

Jane Bell flower essencesenvironment essencesoils/spritzers

We are very pleased to offer you Jane Bell's line of Hawaiian Essences. These essences embody the sacred energies of the Hawaiian Islands.

Light Frequency Essencesenvironment essences

Essences from Ian White of Australian Bush Flower Essences are Antarctic, Arctic, Amazon, China, Lake Baikal, Madagascar, and Mt. Pinatubo. The Pyramid Pack of all seven is also available.

Living Essences of Australia
Based on aboriginal systems of flower uses for wellbeing, yet specifically suited for modern-day issues. Please use the free, easy, online, private self-diagnostic to choose what essences you may need now!

Living Tree Orchid Essences oils/spritzers
These essences work their subtle magic by helping you regain your natural balance and align your chakras. Orchids vibrate at higher levels than other flowering plants and are the most highly evolved of all beings in the plant kingdom. Some gems and other plants are offered.    

Pacific Essences essences for animals
Pacific Essences® is dedicated to research and development of Vibrational remedies from Nature, offering sea life, flower, gem, and combination essences. This popular line now also includes essences for animals..

PHI Essences BV, formerly Korte Phi
Unique orchid, planet, gem, cactus, crop circle, dolphin, whale, and flower essences, and more, by German phytobotanist Andreas Korte. Pendants, creams, and sprays as well as essences are available. Several of these items have 40% discount as shown on the Sale Page.

Power of Flowers Healing Essencesflower essences
The Power of Flower Healing Essences are crafted from pure organic wild flowers in their natural habitat. This is Isha Lerner's set of essences that correspond to the Power of Flowers Cards. There are also a number of additional single essences and blends, including new organic flowers, Chakra Blends, Children's Set, AND the Inner Child Cards (and the Power of Flowers card deck/reference book set)

South African Flower Essences
The South African Flower Essences are made by Jannet Unite-Penny on the slopes of the magical Table Mountain in the Cape of Good Hope, a place regarded as a sacred place of healing by the San (Bushman) and African people.  

Spirit-in-Nature Essences [formerly Master's Flower Essences]
20 highly effective essences of fruit and vegetable blossoms for people and pets. NEW! SiNE has made their first-ever blends! Please look into these new Chakra Blends.
We also offer you 1 oz dosage bottles of SiNE single flowers. Click here for pricing.

White Light Essences environment essences
White Light Essences in the unique Pyramid Pack is by Ian White, founder of Australian Bush Flower Essences.  The kit contains all seven original essences, a reference book, and a CD of music prepared especially for enhancing the user's embodiment of the essences. All components may be ordered separately.

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Free Questionnaires

You can use these questionnaires as many times as you need to help you make decisions about which essences are best for you (or your pet).  Each questionnaire is brand-specific, so you may want to use one or more.

Bach Flower Remedies

Flower Essence Services (FES)

Living Essences of Australia Click the link at left to go to Essence Selector pages for a free, easy, online, private self-diagnostic. Please use a recent version of Internet Explorer, and please also come back to Healing Waters for purchase if you are outside Australia. The link should pop up in a new window for your convenience.

Spirit-in-Nature Essences (formerly Master's Flower Essences)  (for people's needs)

Spirit-in-Nature Essences (formerly Master's Flower Essences)  (for pets' needs)

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Inspiration (general)

Words of Encouragement
Healing Waters' collection-in-progress of encouragement, motivation, and personal experiences and stories.

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